11 Nov 2008

Dream Dinner Party

(credit to Vogue UK for the idea, and Capture the Castle who blogged it first)

Who? Audrey Hepburn, Mary Kate Olsen, Johnny Depp, Katie Grand, Coco Chanel, Jarvis Cocker, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar Wilde and David Bowie

Where? in Paris, on a balcony where the Eiffel tower could be seen in the distance. We'd huddle around a circular (more intimate), candle-lit table.

Hot topics? We'd begin by sharing stories of Paris, as it shares a special space in many of the guests' hearts. We'd then move on to fashion, with Coco sharing tales of when she began her label and YSL recalling his hey-days. MK would gush over the new collections and fill Coco and Yves in on the current collections. Bowie and Jarvis would take turns entertaining us by song and Oscar would read to us later on, after dinner, when we all snuggle under blankets. Small talk begins amongst the guests and Katie advices me on starting my own magazine and tells us what we have to look forward to with 'Love'. Johnny entertains us all with Jack Sparrow impressions and Audrey whispers secrets about Paris in my ear.

What would everyone be wearing? Audrey would be dressed as Holly Golighty in a black dress and string of pearls. MK would look amazing as usual in an outfit soon to be talked about my bloggers over the globe. Johnny would wear jeans and a partly-unbuttoned white shirt -before whipping his pirate hat from under the table! Katie would have her huge bow in her hair. Coco would be wearing a Chanel tweed skirt-suit. Jarvis would have his glasses on and a smart tweed blazer. Yves would wear YSL, natually. Oscar would wear a cape and a cravat. Bowie would be Ziggy Stardust era. I would be wearing a Chanel outfit that Coco lent me for the evening

What would you dine on? We would start by nibbling on bowls of olives, roasted nuts and garlic and rosemary bread. Then a starter of melon and pancetta. The main course would be grilled butterflied cajun chicken, with roast potatoes, carrot and suede mash and a salad of rocket, spinach and chives. A selection of cupcakes placed on decorative cake stands would be placed in the centre of the table for dessert. Pink champagne would flow during the meal, and a bottle of Jamesons would be opened once we had finished eating and were playing parlour games.

Who would you sit beside? Johnny and Jarvis

Biggest flirt? Johnny!

Last to leave? We would all stay on the balcony until sunrise, talking, drinking whiskey and laughing, with music playing quietly in the background