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Freunde von Freunden

Posted on: 19 Oct 2014

If, like me, you love a sneaky glimpse into other people's homes, then Freunde von Freunden is for you. Literally translating as 'Friends of Friends', the magazine-style site showcases interesting creative types within their own homes or working environments. Expect lots of wooden floors, house plants and endearing knick-knacks.

Hello Emilie

It's been nearly eight years since I travelled in New Zealand. From the sun-kissed beaches on Paihia, to the mountainous roads of the South Island - I drank in everything I saw and look back on my two months in the Land of the Long White Cloud with fond memories. Now I am eight years older, and eight years wiser, I long to return. I've been following Emilie Ristevski's Instagram feed with envious eyes, thinking about circumnavigating both islands in a cosy camper van with my boyfriend, camera in hand. 

All photos: @helloemilie


Posted on: 11 Oct 2014

Take a white linen shirt with a cute peter-pan collar, add a pair of oh-so-hip dungarees and situate in an unbearably cool loft apartment with gigantic windows that's full of plants. This is how I want to dress, and how I want to live now. 

Urrban Outfitters: Collective

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