25 Aug 2014

Inspiration: August

Chantal Anderson

Currently inspired by: outdoor spaces, fresh fruit, the sea, plants and oversized hats.

Planning for Fall

There's a definite buzz in the air that is signalling the beginning of a new season. Damp (slightly) darker mornings are giving way to chillier days and blackberries are poking their suggestive juicy heads through the gaps in the picket fence in my garden. It's still bare-leg weather for a while longer but I'm now teaming my pins with last year's black boots as opposed to this summer's fake-nstocks. Slowly but surely, the winter knits are being pulled out and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that's beginning to query her autumn wardrobe.

1. The majority of clothes that seem to be singing my name this season appear to be neutral hues of black, navy and grey. When your potential colour palette is this stripped back, you've got to break some rules. I'm envisioning an all black and grey ensemble topped off with a rule-breaking navy fedora. Whoever said these two base tones should never mix clearly had never experienced the subtle pleasure of inky blue felt teamed with slick jet-black leather.

I've developed an obsession with Whistles recently that is only going to lead to either a) disappointment or b) an empty wallet. Worn by all of my Instagram favourites, the 'Feminine' T-shirt will hopefully be creeping into my wardrobe come pay day - although I can only dream of teaming it with the zipped-bib-front pinafore that's been calling my name. Mix in updates of my must-have everyday essential accessories (felt fedora, leather backpack, black boots) and I'm on to a winner.


2. I've potentially been browsing the Free People site a little too much recently, but the other side of what the onset of autumn is evoking in me has a slightly boho vibe. I'm picturing a white lace maxi layered with slouchy knitwear and a structured denim jacket, teamed with yet another trilby and sturdy lace-up boots. The boots make this practical for hiking through forests, right?

3. Then there's the side of me that takes heed of the new season trends. Burberry's enveloping cashmere cape is the ideal piece to keep me warm in style - especially when layered over autumn's essential basic, the black polo neck. Add a pair of artfully distressed skinnies, sleek ankle boots and minimal fine silver rings and I've got the perfect off-duty outfit (note to self, you will never be able to own the Burberry).
4. Take one striped woollen dress, add the aforementioned three everyday essential accessories and throw on a grungy oversized knit for added warmth. The ideal outfit for golden hour after-work strolls. Just add a steaming cup of fresh mint tea at the end of it to warm those hands and add a blush to bitterly cold cheeks. 

11 Aug 2014


I'm leaning more and more towards a Scandinavian clean and minimal aesthetic - in my appearance and in my surroundings. It may be the result of too much instagram stalking but I'm craving a big bucket of white paint, parquet flooring and an abundance of indoor plants. I can't get enough of Kinfolk and Cereal magazines. I'm plotting a wardrobe overhaul that would put all my prints in hibernation until next spring. Frayed blue jeans, boater hats, oversized slouchy jumpers and simple T-shirts are all on my radar. As are In Bed 's creased cotton sheets in various shades of blue, white and grey. And don't forget Birkenstock sandals - summer's not over yet. I want to throw away all of my toiletries and invest in Aesop's entire collection. Half the items on my wishlist hail from Whistles - Acne, Commes des Garcons Commes des Garcons and a Joshu Vela canvas tote also rank high. In this picturesque world of simplicity, I'm drinking green smoothies for breakfast, cooking everything in the Hemsley and Hemlsey cookbook and waking myself up before work with an outdoor yoga class. One can dream.

Get your instagram inspiration from:


I've twice before (here and here) babbled on about my love of US online vintage store Mayflower Supply

Liz has an uncanny knack of sourcing the kind of vintage garments that people are going to fight over. Loose-fitted maxis, printed shifts and little checked dresses all transcend seasonal trends to become the pieces that are constantly on rotation in your wardrobe for years to come. She also styles a damn good look-book.

This high summer showcase was inspired by Liz's love of a long hot summer - and the thought that why does summer have to end so soon? Hot and balmy days will (hopefully!) drag on languidly until mid-October - so why start packing away your summer wardrobe in August? It's still too warm to wear that new oversized knit and don't even consider slipping your tanned legs into a pair of tights!

Together with friend and model Emily Twombly and photographer Elizabeth Weinberg, Liz headed to Palm Springs to brave the sweltering heat in order to bring us her latest editorial offering.


7 Aug 2014


I'm off to Beacons festival tomorrow, the first British festival of an upcoming row of four. It's meant to be rainy, warm and muggy tomorrow and then just plain old cold and wet on Sunday. No idea what to wear!

Inspiration from Favid Gomez (roll around on the floor in a men's cotton shirt), Jean Stories (ripped jeans, a slouchy tee and wide-brimmed hat) and Just Another Fashion Blog (I'm beginning to spot a theme here).

1 Aug 2014


I'm a West Coast girl at heart. Drawn to the perfect meeting place of nature and city; where rolling hills and crashing waves meet bright lights. I know that I would feel right at home travelling up the coast through California, Oregon and Washington; I imagine that I would never want to leave.

L.A has never really factored into that dream. I spent a jet-lag fuelled 24 hours there seven years ago, temporarily stranded between flights. Memories of orange hazed skies, terrifying concrete highways and carb-orientated fast-food put me off wanting to return. A recent post on the Urban Outfitters blog, detailing the friendship between two of my Instagram crushes is seeing me reconsider. 

I want to hike up to the Griffith Observatory, admire the city skyline during magic hour, laze on rooftops, shop in all of the stores I follow on Instagram and mess around in the photobooth in the Ace hotel. I want to live in Silverlake, start my day with yoga on the beach and hit up all of the health food cafes that I somehow completely overlooked during my one day lay-over.

When I imagine myself in L.A, it's with long wavy beach hair, big bug-eyed sunglasses, wearing oversized cotton dresses and zip-up ankle boots. Summer lasts forever yet winter's within grasp, just on your doorstep. There's a myriad of landscapes surrounding you, just waiting to be explored.

Images by Chantal Anderson featuring @claggie and @skinnybmel