29 Jul 2013

Top Ten: Instagram Feeds


I've been spending too much time on Instagram recently - there's just so many inspiring feeds out there! Whether they are awesome photographers, style mavericks, globe-trotting travellers or I just like their shoes - here are my current Top Tend Instagram Feeds.

27 Jul 2013

Chantal Anderson

I am a terrible blogger in the summer time! I try to spend as little time indoors as possible - especially when I spend 8 hours a day stuck inside an office and a further 4 commuting!

I'm going to Berlin for 5 days with my friend Abigail on Tuesday, so thought I ought to post before I leave. My new Canon 600D arrived this week (complete with 50mm 1.8 lens) so I will hopefully have plenty of photographs to share on my return.

In the meantime, head on over to Chantal Anderson's website to revel in her beautiful photographs. I'm certainly going to draw inspiration from her work and hopefully convince my friend to participate in a few mini shoots whilst we are away!

21 Jul 2013

The Heat Is On

Apologies for my sporadic blogging lately. We have been experiencing the hottest summer in 7 years and I have been taking full advantage of the soaring temperatures. It feels a lot cooler today and the sun is hidden behind thick clouds, so I am snuggled up on the sofa, catching up on my online life.

With the sun shining strongly for three straight weeks, I'm feeling inspired by summer, travels and far-flung exotic locations.

Alice Point, Cherry Blossom Girl, Natalie off Duty, Eleonore Bridge, Gary Pepper, Le Blog De Betty, Mademoiselle Robot, Myrtle lookbook, Natalie off Duty, Raffaella Campeggi, shine by Three, Style Slicker, Wildfox

15 Jul 2013

Louis Vuitton Resort 2013/4

Now, I'm not usually a huge advocate of Louis Vuitton (put off perhaps by the age-old LV logo bags) but here is a collection that made me gasp with delight. It's like Isabel Marant had an illegitimate child with a nonchalant 1960s French art student. It's Parisienne bohemian at its very best.

Women's design director Julie de Libran presented all the ingredients for an awesome collection: little printed dresses and oversized printed dresses, shapeless pastel-hued coats (The AW13 staple piece, don't you know), denim separates, dishevelled hair and hats. 

I'm all over the third and fourth looks!

10 Jul 2013

The Meadows

I am currently living in the bliss of actual summertime. It's the hottest July in seven years and I am relishing in the heat!

Last Sunday, I organised a picnic in a nearby meadow with a group of friends. We laid amongst the long grass and wandered through the surrounding trees to cool down.

All photographs taken and edited myself.