18 Dec 2014


I'm a huge advocate of the lookbooks that Liz creates for Mayflower Supply (read about their previous lookbooks here, here and here). Super creative, Liz is part of a New York collective of friends that I've admired from afar via the world of blogging and instagram for several years now. Two more of these gals, Hannah and Emily have come together in the making of this most recent lookbook - photographed by Hannah Metz and modelled and styled by Emily Theobald

For FW14/5, Liz was inspired by Woody Allen's leading ladies in the seventies; namely Meryl Streep in Kramer vs Kramer and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Hence, slightly androgynous styling with a seventies-meets-nineties (a decade that Emily pulls off flawlessly) aesthetic. You can't go wrong in floor length velvet skirts, rolled-up mum jeans, oversized denim jackets and borrowed-from-the-boyfriend knits with your hair oh-so-effortlessly tucked in. Head over to the shop to create the looks for yourself!

7 Dec 2014


Three weeks ago, I hopped on a plane with one of my best friends and headed somewhere that's been on my travel wish-list for a while: Copenhagen. 

I'm used to travelling in the heat of summer; lazing in parks, searching for swimming spots and generally not wearing many clothes. It was a completely different experience wrapping up against the sharp wind and exploring a new city in winter. We balanced out exploring unique urban parks, graffiti-covered alternative communities and magical Christmas parks with a lot of time spent keeping warm in the cities wide array of stylish and cosy bars, cafes and restaurants.

Read on for some of my highlights.


I was going to write this with the pretence that I was pulling together a gift guide to help you, my readers get through the tricky decisions of what to buy your loved ones this festive period. In reality though, I am just listing everything that I myself am hoping to find within my stocking. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration amidst my selfish daydreams.

Wear it well
I'd love to wake up to find the entire shop floor of Whistles had relocated to my wardrobe, but if I had to narrow it down, the Cliche jumper, striped tee, zipped pinafore and Verity leather backpack are at the top of my list. I'd wear nothing else but outfit variations of these four pieces for the next six months (Santa, are you listening?). New Year's is set to be a house party, and my search for the perfect festive skirt to wear with my favourite grey t-shirt has led me to this metallic & Other Stories design - if I unwrap this on Christmas Day, that's my outfit sorted. As for the Gap collared denim dress and Zara piped trim shirt - versatile, casual staples that I'd wear throughout the year.

23 Nov 2014


I have a tendency to fall in love with a brand that my disposable income doesn't quite stretch to. Usually, it's the case that I'm pretty content to imagine from afar and dream up imaginary rich-me outfits on Polyvore. With Studio Nicholson, however, I think I'm going to have to open a savings account.

The contemporary British brand launched earlier this year with a presentation for its pre AW14 collection, introducing us to the clean and minimal silhouettes that it is fast being associated with. Creative director Nick Wakeman's background in menswear design certainly shows through the androgynous cuts, simple classic prints and muted colour palette; perfect for women with a love of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. 

There's currently a huge influx of brands that focus more on high quality materials and timeless designs that surpass seasonal trends. Oversized gingham midi-dresses, boyfriend-fit t-shirts and a-line skirts effortlessly fit into this capsule wardrobe that I'm constantly trying to create.

4 Nov 2014


There's nothing more pleasing on the eye than a landscape of rust and green hues. This is my favourite time of year to get out and explore.

3 Nov 2014

Scandi Stories

Everything about & Other Stories is aesthetically pleasing, right down to the behind the scenes goings on in their Stockholm-based Atelier. Mood-boards, colour charts and easels hang on huge white walls whilst packaging prototypes litter wooden desks. 

I have to confess, one of the places that I am most looking forward to visiting during my upcoming trip to Copenhagen is the & Other Stories store.

2 Nov 2014


Serbian photographer, artist and general babe, Ana Kras has got to be one of the coolest gals on the planet right now. She's got that nonchalant Parisian-meets-LA style absolutely nailed, she's uber talented (photographer, artist, furniture designer - what can't she do?) and her relationship with Devendra Banhart is the stuff of contemporary fairy tales. She flies to LA to take photos of Devendra for a magazine, after 5 minutes of knowing her he asks her to marry him. She declines his offer, but stays in LA for their happy ever after. Too cool.

27 Oct 2014

Interview with: Nadinoo

I first discovered Nadia Izruna’s work through the blogging community, when she launched her Nadinoo label in 2009. Entitled after her childhood nickname, Nadinoo swiftly became worn and beloved by vintage-loving gals the world over, seen on an array of high profile fashion bloggers and featured in a several notable magazines (most recently, Betty).

When I met Nadia in her studio/store one of the first things I asked her was about this link with the blogging community. “For me it’s been vital,” she replied. “I was fortunate that my first collection was noticed by some influential fashion bloggers who were happy to share my work and thankfully continue to write about each collection we produce. All of this wonderful exposure has fed into other social media channels, enabling customers from all over the world to find us online.”

23 Oct 2014

Inspired: Zaria Forman

I'm in awe of Zaria Forman's work.Imagine having one of her paintings hung up in your lounge; watching the waves crash and tasting the salt water on the tip of your tongue. Gazing at her art, it's almost as if you are sat on the beach, your toes getting wet as the breakwater washes up to tickle them.

19 Oct 2014

Freunde von Freunden

If, like me, you love a sneaky glimpse into other people's homes, then Freunde von Freunden is for you. Literally translating as 'Friends of Friends', the magazine-style site showcases interesting creative types within their own homes or working environments. Expect lots of wooden floors, house plants and endearing knick-knacks.

11 Oct 2014


Take a white linen shirt with a cute peter-pan collar, add a pair of oh-so-hip dungarees and situate in an unbearably cool loft apartment with gigantic windows that's full of plants. This is how I want to dress, and how I want to live now. 


I know this editorial has been going viral and you're probably sick of the sight of it, but it's just so completely perfect for how I feel right now. The heatings on, there's been a scattering of frost spiking the tips of the grass in the morning and all I want to do is wrap up in an oversized cosy knit. At the same time, I'm not quite ready to let go of summer though. Which is why this shoot is so de rigueur - covetable, chunky, out-of-proportion knitwear teamed with bare bellies, bare legs and those man-repeller chunky flat sandals that we've been donning all summer. There's only one way to go here: buy your knitwear in size XXL, preferably with the cuffs hanging way down and concealing your hands, and team with thick walking socks and sturdy sandals. Birkenstocks' sheepskin-lined style will get you top marks.

9 Oct 2014


I love coming across something so completely different and unique in the vast, sheep-like world of fashion blogging. There's so many sites out there that are near impossible to distinguish from each other. That's why I was so overjoyed when I discovered the work of Pari Dust. Fusing exquisite works of art (seriously, I need to visit New York immediately if this is what the art scene is like!) with complementary clothing and make-up, Pari's creations are multi-dimensional. You can look at them from various angles - does the art makes spectacular backdrops for her fashion shoots; or does she, the model, simply provide the perfect accompaniment for the pieces she stands beside? 

6 Oct 2014


It felt like the first day of autumn today. I awoke this morning to rain pelting on the window and eerie dark skies; the sun rising as I cleaned my teeth. There's an electric feeling in the air as the creeping cold tickles my back. The nights are getting longer, the leaves are turning golden and I'm currently sat wrapped up in a blanket. I love this time of year.

Autumnal clothes are my favourite, as are the hues associated with this time of year. The trees are the colour of my hair, blended amongst the last remnants of summer's green. The colour palette inspiring me at the moment is a fusion of rusts, terracottas and gingers amongst stark white and dark forest green. 

16 Sep 2014


I'm a little bit behind on this but here are my favourite looks from New York and London fashion weeks. As you can see, I'm still torn between clean-cut minimalism and colourful prints - although flat shoes, loose billowing silhouettes and feminine tailoring are all firm favourites.

Elizabeth & James
Monochrome, stripes, dungarees, flip-flops and an ingenious way of tying a shawl.

The ultimate in feminine modern tailoring - exactly what you want to wear to work.

Loose layering, ankle boots and bare legs - what all the cool girls will be wearing next year.

Tory Burch
Ethnic influences on easy-to-wear loose silhouettes.

Elizabeth & James
Ashley and Mary-Kate are masters of tailoring and volume.

Total white-out grounded by staples black pieces (that white dress!!)

Holly Fulton
Utter perfection. Statement skirts paired with simple tees, printed shirt dresses and a fresh colour palette.

Printed cotton dresses, flowing trousers and that jumper.

Michael Kors
Stepford Wives re-imagined - full A-line skirts paired with basic tees and fine knitwear.

Markus Lupfer
Uber-hip neon surfer girls

J Crew
Perfect work-wear: cropped trousers, oversized shirts and printed jackets.

Mara Hoffman
Welcome to the jungle.

5 Sep 2014


'What could be more terrifying and more beautiful than to lose control completely.'

When you hear on the social media grapevine that your favourite book in the whole world has been named as the source of inspiration for a prolific fashion designer whose work you admire, you sit up and take notice.

Kate Sylvester celebrated her much-anticipated return to NZFW by looking to the works of Donna Tartt - specifically, The Secret History - for inspiration.Described as "a nonchalant, slouchy celebration of casual luxury and sartorial classics", Sylvester sent a host of both male and female models out onto the runway adorned in her interpretations of what my beloved characters may have worn.

In particular, we were presented with Camilla Macaulay, being the predominant female character in the book, and one of the most compelling. Elegant, slightly dishevelled, dangerous and inherently ethereal, Camilla and her twin brother Charles are described as wearing "pale clothes, particularly white", drifting around the campus with a haughty air.

The beautiful prose with which Tartt intricately describes her character's appearance and dress is brought to life in a haphazard mixture of androgynous wear. The models wore tailored trousers, cashmere sweaters, Stan Smith trainers, oversized coats, thin scarves, cotton shirt dresses and languid cricket jumpers - all unravelling, unfastening and becoming more dishevelled as the show progressed; symbolising how the characters in the book begin to fall apart as they have to live with their actions.

25 Aug 2014

Inspiration: August

Chantal Anderson

Currently inspired by: outdoor spaces, fresh fruit, the sea, plants and oversized hats.

Planning for Fall

There's a definite buzz in the air that is signalling the beginning of a new season. Damp (slightly) darker mornings are giving way to chillier days and blackberries are poking their suggestive juicy heads through the gaps in the picket fence in my garden. It's still bare-leg weather for a while longer but I'm now teaming my pins with last year's black boots as opposed to this summer's fake-nstocks. Slowly but surely, the winter knits are being pulled out and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that's beginning to query her autumn wardrobe.

1. The majority of clothes that seem to be singing my name this season appear to be neutral hues of black, navy and grey. When your potential colour palette is this stripped back, you've got to break some rules. I'm envisioning an all black and grey ensemble topped off with a rule-breaking navy fedora. Whoever said these two base tones should never mix clearly had never experienced the subtle pleasure of inky blue felt teamed with slick jet-black leather.

I've developed an obsession with Whistles recently that is only going to lead to either a) disappointment or b) an empty wallet. Worn by all of my Instagram favourites, the 'Feminine' T-shirt will hopefully be creeping into my wardrobe come pay day - although I can only dream of teaming it with the zipped-bib-front pinafore that's been calling my name. Mix in updates of my must-have everyday essential accessories (felt fedora, leather backpack, black boots) and I'm on to a winner.


2. I've potentially been browsing the Free People site a little too much recently, but the other side of what the onset of autumn is evoking in me has a slightly boho vibe. I'm picturing a white lace maxi layered with slouchy knitwear and a structured denim jacket, teamed with yet another trilby and sturdy lace-up boots. The boots make this practical for hiking through forests, right?

3. Then there's the side of me that takes heed of the new season trends. Burberry's enveloping cashmere cape is the ideal piece to keep me warm in style - especially when layered over autumn's essential basic, the black polo neck. Add a pair of artfully distressed skinnies, sleek ankle boots and minimal fine silver rings and I've got the perfect off-duty outfit (note to self, you will never be able to own the Burberry).
4. Take one striped woollen dress, add the aforementioned three everyday essential accessories and throw on a grungy oversized knit for added warmth. The ideal outfit for golden hour after-work strolls. Just add a steaming cup of fresh mint tea at the end of it to warm those hands and add a blush to bitterly cold cheeks. 

11 Aug 2014


I'm leaning more and more towards a Scandinavian clean and minimal aesthetic - in my appearance and in my surroundings. It may be the result of too much instagram stalking but I'm craving a big bucket of white paint, parquet flooring and an abundance of indoor plants. I can't get enough of Kinfolk and Cereal magazines. I'm plotting a wardrobe overhaul that would put all my prints in hibernation until next spring. Frayed blue jeans, boater hats, oversized slouchy jumpers and simple T-shirts are all on my radar. As are In Bed 's creased cotton sheets in various shades of blue, white and grey. And don't forget Birkenstock sandals - summer's not over yet. I want to throw away all of my toiletries and invest in Aesop's entire collection. Half the items on my wishlist hail from Whistles - Acne, Commes des Garcons Commes des Garcons and a Joshu Vela canvas tote also rank high. In this picturesque world of simplicity, I'm drinking green smoothies for breakfast, cooking everything in the Hemsley and Hemlsey cookbook and waking myself up before work with an outdoor yoga class. One can dream.

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