27 Oct 2014

Interview with: Nadinoo

I first discovered Nadia Izruna’s work through the blogging community, when she launched her Nadinoo label in 2009. Entitled after her childhood nickname, Nadinoo swiftly became worn and beloved by vintage-loving gals the world over, seen on an array of high profile fashion bloggers and featured in a several notable magazines (most recently, Betty).

When I met Nadia in her studio/store one of the first things I asked her was about this link with the blogging community. “For me it’s been vital,” she replied. “I was fortunate that my first collection was noticed by some influential fashion bloggers who were happy to share my work and thankfully continue to write about each collection we produce. All of this wonderful exposure has fed into other social media channels, enabling customers from all over the world to find us online.”

23 Oct 2014

Inspired: Zaria Forman

I'm in awe of Zaria Forman's work.Imagine having one of her paintings hung up in your lounge; watching the waves crash and tasting the salt water on the tip of your tongue. Gazing at her art, it's almost as if you are sat on the beach, your toes getting wet as the breakwater washes up to tickle them.

19 Oct 2014

Freunde von Freunden

If, like me, you love a sneaky glimpse into other people's homes, then Freunde von Freunden is for you. Literally translating as 'Friends of Friends', the magazine-style site showcases interesting creative types within their own homes or working environments. Expect lots of wooden floors, house plants and endearing knick-knacks.

11 Oct 2014


Take a white linen shirt with a cute peter-pan collar, add a pair of oh-so-hip dungarees and situate in an unbearably cool loft apartment with gigantic windows that's full of plants. This is how I want to dress, and how I want to live now. 


I know this editorial has been going viral and you're probably sick of the sight of it, but it's just so completely perfect for how I feel right now. The heatings on, there's been a scattering of frost spiking the tips of the grass in the morning and all I want to do is wrap up in an oversized cosy knit. At the same time, I'm not quite ready to let go of summer though. Which is why this shoot is so de rigueur - covetable, chunky, out-of-proportion knitwear teamed with bare bellies, bare legs and those man-repeller chunky flat sandals that we've been donning all summer. There's only one way to go here: buy your knitwear in size XXL, preferably with the cuffs hanging way down and concealing your hands, and team with thick walking socks and sturdy sandals. Birkenstocks' sheepskin-lined style will get you top marks.

9 Oct 2014


I love coming across something so completely different and unique in the vast, sheep-like world of fashion blogging. There's so many sites out there that are near impossible to distinguish from each other. That's why I was so overjoyed when I discovered the work of Pari Dust. Fusing exquisite works of art (seriously, I need to visit New York immediately if this is what the art scene is like!) with complementary clothing and make-up, Pari's creations are multi-dimensional. You can look at them from various angles - does the art makes spectacular backdrops for her fashion shoots; or does she, the model, simply provide the perfect accompaniment for the pieces she stands beside? 

6 Oct 2014


It felt like the first day of autumn today. I awoke this morning to rain pelting on the window and eerie dark skies; the sun rising as I cleaned my teeth. There's an electric feeling in the air as the creeping cold tickles my back. The nights are getting longer, the leaves are turning golden and I'm currently sat wrapped up in a blanket. I love this time of year.

Autumnal clothes are my favourite, as are the hues associated with this time of year. The trees are the colour of my hair, blended amongst the last remnants of summer's green. The colour palette inspiring me at the moment is a fusion of rusts, terracottas and gingers amongst stark white and dark forest green.