29 Apr 2014


Have you been keeping up with Hello America?

I first expressed my interest in this project back at the beginning of March. Well, now they are several weeks into their trip and sharing engaging content constantly on their site and instagram feed.

I'm feeling increasingly inspired by the four young people behind this idea. Why is everyone so content to sit behind a desk in an office every day? 

23 Apr 2014


You Must Create first arrived on my radar through menswear. We sold a capsule collection at work consisting of waffle knit jumpers, streamlined polos and subtly printed shirts from the cult contemporary brand. Instantly appealing to my eye, I wondered 'do they do womenswear?'

It's a tad out of my price range but a girl can admire from afar. If I could, I would strip back my entire wardrobe to a handful of YMC pieces to mix and match, dressing up and down. Fit-and-flare printed dresses and dip-dyed button-up designs would never date, no doubt proving themselves as staple pieces for every season. Preppy lace-up trainers, geek chic sandals and retro tortoiseshell wayfarers would effortlessly complement printed shirts, fine striped jumpers and tailored denim shorts. For now, a handful of stand-out pieces remain firmly on my wishlist.

13 Apr 2014



This month's Instagram round-up is still very much focused on the West Coast of America (with one or two NYC/Canadian exceptions). I'm daydreaming of greenhouses full of cacti, never-ending sunshine, barren deserts, rugged cliffs, green mountains and fields of flowers. Wanderlust overload.

Please comment below with your account details and any recommendations.

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12 Apr 2014


Driving through the countryside, on the open road; windows down and hair blowing in your face. This summer is pretty centred on train journeys but I'm beginning to wish that I had factored in a road trip somewhere along the line. I love that feeling of knowing that you can go anywhere you want; knowing that you can pull over at the side of the road if you see something that takes your fancy. Everything you need is piled in the car with you, you could just pitch up your tent and sleep under the stars.

8 Apr 2014


It's been a while since I shared what is currently ticking my boxes; hence the creation of another new monthly series, showcasing my inspirations for the month ahead.

April is the official start of Spring: the trees are blossoming, flowers are peeking out from the long-cold ground and we can final shed our coats and tights. I'm looking forward to potting plants for my patio, seeking out cherry blossom and just generally hanging out in the sunshine. Long loose layers and thin cotton dresses are calling my name. An oversized denim jacket and a new felt fedora are squirming around at the top of my wishlist, eagerly awaiting my next pay-day. Get me to the garden centre.

Photos by: Carissa Gallow, Zara, unknown, Elizabeth Suzann, Jeff Luker, & Other Stories, Melissa Sonico, Filipa Alves, unknown, & Other Stories, Bethany Olson, Molly Steele, unknown, unknown, Zara, & Other Stories

6 Apr 2014

My Great Outdoors: Cynthia Jimenez

Welcome to a new series of posts on my blog!

For My Great Outdoors, I have contacted a selection of my favourite photographers (all found via Instagram) and asked them to share one of their favourite outdoors spaces. This could either be their favourite place to hike, a hidden space perfect for relaxing or city streets. The aim of this series is to encourage people to get outside and explore; whether you live in a sprawling suburb or a rural retreat.

For the first post, I welcome Cynthia Jimenez to my blog. I first discovered Cynthia's photography via Instagram, which led me on to her website and blog. Read on to discover her Great Outdoors.

"This is San Francisco in a day. One of my friends came in from Texas to spend New Years in California, but we couldn't just dress up and attend a fancy party, nope! we jumped on a bus and headed to San Francisco. On the way there we searched for affordable places to stay and routes to different look out points. We also love vintage shopping and roaming around busy streets and caf├ęs so we made sure we fit that in. These are a few of the places we went to and only some of the streets that caught our eye.To receive the New Year we ended up at a local writers/musician's event for dinner and then headed to the streets for fireworks! It was definitely a trip to remember! ".