2 Nov 2009

The Autumn/ Winter Edition of Things That Make Me Happy

Back in June, I posted a list of things that, at the time, were making me happy.
Here is an updated version.
Please feel free to post your own and let me know so that I can read them.

the colours of autumn leaves. the colour of the sky just before it gets dark. nights in with the heating on, watching true blood. nights out, dancing and drinking whiskey to keep warm. making christmas lists. christmas shopping with my mum. looking forward to the first christmas tree in mine and my boy's house. taking photographs of anything that catches my eye. editing photographs on picnik.com. sleeping on the side of the road in london in the camper van. exploring new cities. listening to music that makes my heart soar. fireworks parties. long weekends. secret projects with best friends. uniform time at work. velvet. lace. grey. purple. red. navy. stripes. woollen tights. scarves. faux fur. stoles. russian hats. flat battered brogues. home cooked stew. parmasan cheese shavings. strawberry cheesecake. watching masterchef and my boyfriend copying the receipes. beautifully haunting new books by old favourite authors. chickens laying fresh eggs every afternoon in the garden. discovering new blogs every day. continuing to love old favourite blogs. early evening sunsets. early evening cocktails. fun times with friends. silly times with friends. time spent with my boyfriend.

And the list goes on...

Beautiful photograph from Hannah's gorgeous blog.


  1. This is such a heartwarming post..Reading through all the list can actually makes me feel the real fun of all those happy things :)

    I would want to post this list also, but unfortunately this country where I stay doesn't have autumn nor winter :(

  2. yr list makes me happy! especially the part about how music makes yr heart sore. it makes mine sore as well. and the part about the velvet and the navy and the stripes. i loved that too.

  3. such a gorgeous list! and photos too- sarah hermans is seriously amazing isn't she?

  4. winter winter oh please come!

  5. Lots of lovely things!
    I had a good weekend thanks. I went to a club in central London on Halloween dressed as a geek with massive glasses! How about you?
    I had a look at wish wish wish and I love it! Now following :) xx

  6. when i was younger i had also an alphabetic ordered list of beautiful and little things and situations that made me happy and feel comfortable :)like knowing where is everything at your friends kitchen, ice creams in january, etc

  7. This list makes me feel so excited for this time of year. Usually I let myself get so busy and booked that I can't enjoy it, but this year I'm going to try to slow things down

  8. cute idea...i may have to jot mine down for you x

  9. and here it is...