4 Feb 2015


I stumbled across Shop Dawn yesterday and immediately felt the urge to share. California native, Christy Dawn designs the kind of dresses that I dream of spending entire summers wearing, all inspired by her love of vintage garments. The best bit? Christy is super inventive when it comes to look-books - the three shoots currently featured on the site all revolve around a gaggle of her gorgeous friends jumping in a car (along with a stylist and photographer, both of whom are also total babes) and heading off into the wilderness. What better way to showcase your dresses than clothing your mates in them and frolicking in meadows, on beaches and down highways en route to Big Sur?

Photos by Misha Taylor, Emily Knecht and Caroline Mackintosh for Shop Dawn.


  1. These photos are just stunningly beautiful. I adore them all.

  2. WOOOOOW!!!! Thank you for this inspiring post!!!!! I need now so badly the piper dress!!!!!!