22 Feb 2015


I love a good travel blog. It's been a while since this space could really be called a 'fashion blog', as travel and photography have been my primary sources of inspiration for some time. So much so, that I've decided to branch out and start another blog based entirely on travel (but more about that in an upcoming post).

Travel blogs can be pretty hit and miss. It's relatively hard to find one that goes beyond the obvious and details places that I would actually want to visit. The Travelling Light does just that.

Scrolling through the feed of recent posts, I naturally chose to read about places that I have visited myself, before skipping to new and intriguing destinations. As soon as I had covered Paris and Berlin, I knew that I was on to a winner. Not only had Katie wrote about one of my favourite ever bars (Le Comptoir General in Paris), but she'd ventured into Grunewald Forest in the outskirts of Berlin and broken into Teufelsberg. My kind of gal.

If you're into reading interesting posts about travel, are looking for inspiration for the next place to visit, or just fancy discovering a selection of great photography - I couldn't give you a better recommendation than The Travelling Light.


  1. I find myself in the same predicament, I keep looking for my 'niche' (whatever that means) ever since I started a travel blog and haven't found that many blogs that hit the spot. Generally, I tend to enjoy travel posts the most in lifestyle blogs. I'm not sure why... Anyways, I'm quite excited that you're about to launch a travel blog as I've always loved this here blog. And your recommendation sounds intriguing, will have a little look around now xnora

  2. WOW! I wonder what Katie looks like as we only see the back of her head? I also wonder who funds her trips????

  3. Lovely photos but she needs to tone up her backside!!!