25 Jan 2015


I'm thinking of summer already. Warmer temperatures naturally mean more time spent outdoors, after all. Every spare minute will hopefully be spent hiking, dining alfresco, taking road trips, wandering through forests and picnicking in meadows. Clothing wise, I'm searching for the perfect denim pinafore that I'll wear with bare legs, comfy sandals and air-dried hair. Travel wise, I'm planning trips abroad and within the UK; thinking about discovering places that I have yet to step foot in. I'm counting down the days until the air warms up and the crisp white landscapes turn to fresh green.

17 Jan 2015



It's been a while since I last shared my favourite Instagrammers with you. It's no secret that I love scrolling through people's feeds, double-tapping and adding new accounts to follow as I go. As my 'following' list threatened to reach 900 this week, I've had to go through and sift out the accounts that I really want to follow - it was becoming overwhelming! 

I look to Instagram to discover new photography talent that I can then blog about, to increase my wanderlust for certain destinations that I'm aching to travel to, to look for inspiration for healthy eating, to look for inspiration for what to wear when I'm getting bored of my wardrobe, and simply just to escape whilst stuck on a long commute.

Here is a selection of my current favourite accounts. If you have any recommendations I would love to read them in the comments.

10 Jan 2015


The start of a new year always gets me thinking about interiors and the huge list of things that I would like to do to our house. I stumbled across this beautiful bedroom makeover on Avenue Lifestyle, and now I can't stop thinking about a fresh white and grey bedroom. I usually love cosy clutter, rustic furniture and bohemian rugs and throws - but such a clean space would be so relaxing to sleep in. 


Arden Wray has just added a ton of new work to her website, including this magical shoot entitled Family. The creepy vibes (in an incredibly good way) are reminiscent of a coven of modern-day witches meeting up in the woods. Arden describes the shoot as 'scenes from an imaginary film' - I'd love to view the film! 

4 Jan 2015


2014 was a good year for travelling; I broke away from my standard retreat of skipping off to Berlin for a few days and managed to tick off several previous wish-list destinations. I briefly revisited Paris; drinking on the bank of Canal Saint Martins and in the eclectic surroundings of Le Comptoir General at night, and exploring side streets by day. We then took the TGV to Aix-en-Provence where we ate the best pizza by candlelight when subjected to a power-cut, drove around the surrounding villages and took a day trip to Gorge du Verdon, where we peeked over the edge of the precipice to take in the views and swam in a crystal clear yet freezing cold lake. Next, we headed to Barcelona for four days of debauchery, music and drinking plenty of cava at Primavera festival. Barely a month later, I flew to Budapest where I discovered a collection of down-to-earth bars that fused art and music, and an array of interesting architecture. We then jumped aboard yet another train and headed for Zagreb, where the stifling temperatures saw us retreat to the shore of Lake Jarun; also taking in a day trip to the splendorous Plitvice Lakes. Jump forward four months (dashing through a series of UK-based festivals scattered in diversely stunning locations), and I finally made it to Scandinavia. A short break was just what I needed prior to Christmas, taking in the scenery, architecture, culture, nightlife and food of Copenhagen and Malmo.

Now, I'm making lists of where I would like to visit in 2015. Several of the locations I'm dreaming of stretch far beyond my bank balance, so bear with me as I fuse the realistic with the if-only. 


2014 was a great year; packed to the brim with exploring new places, enjoying festivals and hiking in the countryside. Read on for my round-up of some of my highlights from the past year. All photographs are my own.