24 Sep 2013


My summer, through Instagram.

Picnics, meadows, sweltering heat, fields, lakes, gardens, road trips, clouds, pedalos, graffiti, flowers, ice creams, friends, art, holidays.

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23 Sep 2013

Roadside Picnic

I'm spending my weekend lazing in my bedroom admiring the photography of a handful of my all-time favourites.

Here we have 'Roadside Picnic' by talented Russian photographer, Elena Kholkina.  Set amongst the romantic backdrop of a desolate desert, pretty young things frolic with kites, decked out in floaty frocks. Although the black and white images are incredibly striking, the colour combination of the pale blue and dusty sand really stands out to me. 

22 Sep 2013

Top Ten: Magazine Love

I'm a big magazine junkie. Unfortunately, foreign fashion magazines are my very expensive vice; thus, I consider purchasing my favourite reads a luxurious treat. I have been asked before which are my favourite magazines so thought that I would dedicate a post to them.

1. Lula - Girl of my dreams; Leith Clark's infamous dreamy mag has got to be included in this list. Consistently featuring ethereal editorials styled by Leith herself, interviews with girls that you actually want to know about and pretty pastel hues ensure that I always buy Lula.

2. Russh - Australian girls have all the luck in the magazine world. In my opinion, some of the best fashion publications in the world herald from down under. Russh is aimed at independent women world-wide who don't follow trends like sheep. Proud of its independence, the magazine showcases innovators in the worlds of fashion, music, photography and art.

3. Frankie - The beautiful matte pages first stand out from the rest of the magazine stand. Frankie is a publication like no other. A huge focus on design and craft sits effortlessly alongside fashion, photography, illustration and travel features. 

4. No Cigar - A great new find! English magazine No Cigar is published quarterly, providing a distinctive alternative to all the run-of-the-mill fashion publications. Interviewing inspiring women, featuring breath-taking editorials and writing informative articles about issues that really matter; No Cigar is one of the best magazines in the country right now.

5. Material Girl - My luxury diary; Material Girl is the little sister of Lula: dreamy, ethereal and sweet as can be. Half of it is in German only, half is translated to English but the beautiful photographs help to soothe the language barrier. 

6. Yen - Ah Yen. I have still to find somewhere in Manchester where I can get hold of a copy. I had been admiring it on the internet for a while, attempting to find a site that would ship it over to the UK without extortionate postage costs when one of my best friends was sent to Australia for work! She returned with the Tavi Gevinnson issue - that came with a free back issue featuring no other but Lena Dunham on the cover! After reading just two issues, I am convinced that it is my new favourite. Awesome inspiring cover stars, interesting articles, interviews with some of my favourite musicians, incredible editorials .... need I say more!

7. Milk - It's technically for yummy mummies but this French magazine has crossed over to be a great read for anyone interested in good design and that classic Petite Bateau French style. There is an English language translation that you can usually buy in larger WHSmiths so don't worry about language barriers!

8.Elle UK - The only one on this list that you are guaranteed to find in a regular newsagents! Elle is my favourite monthly glossy; more of a down-to-earth attitude that its competitors, features that I really want to read and a good mix of high-street and designer togs.

9. 10 - It's been a while since I purchased a copy but I always loved 10's edgy editorials and the concept of the Top Ten lists.

10. Love/Want - OK, so I have never actually bought this magazine but the tumblr site has lure me in and convinced me that I need to get my hands on a copy. There's a lot of film photography, awesome locations and a nonchalant aesthetic that seem to set this apart from the competition.

Images from Yen, Milk, No Cigar and Material girl taken by myself.

Tim Barber

I first posted a selection of Tim Barber's work back in June. I adore the landscapes where he shoots - rugged mountains, meadows full of wild flowers, beautiful coastlines.Looking over his images makes me want to explore more of the world.

21 Sep 2013

The End of the Summer

This summer was epic. A long hot hazy medley of picnics, trips away and spending as much time outside as possible. The hottest summer in seven years released us from years of drizzle and clouds and having to wear tights in July. 

Each of the above photographs holds a memory of some of the most memorable days from the past five months. Exploring in Berlin, our Brittany road trip, lazing in meadows, day trips to the countryside; the perfect summer.