28 Oct 2012

The First Cut

The perfect conclusion to my weekend off work was an afternoon trip to Manchester Art Gallery with a friend. The current exhibition is breathtakingly beautiful - everything is constructed from paper! My favourite works were the forest of paper trees and a flock of birds intricately carved from maps. 

27 Oct 2012

Amongst the Leaves

This Autumn seems to be the most colourful in years. Even a quick  hour-long stroll around the local park is beautiful, thanks to the copper, amber and rust coloured leaves. 

Photos by me and Dave

23 Oct 2012

Trick or Treat

I am a little disappointed with the lack of Halloween-themed activities where I live. All of the American blogs that I frequent seem to be featuring pumpkin picking and rosy red apples  and suitably spooky style posts. Halloween is made for unkempt witchy hair, head-to-toe black layers, pointy toed lace up boots,  spiky rings and flowing printed skirts paired with thick knits.

Images: Bluebirds and Barn Swallows (x3), Cali Vintage, Clemence Posey (photographer unknown), Frou Frou, Natalie off Duty (x2), Park & Cube, Trop Rouge

21 Oct 2012

A Tunnel of Trees

In the fields behind my boyfriend's parents house there is a tunnel of trees. 

I love escaping the city and exploring the countryside and the area where my boyfriend grew up is especially beautiful at this time of year.

Photos by me and him

16 Oct 2012

Autumn Days

Summer was a bit non-descript this year but at least Autumn is shaping up to be an actual season. The days are (for the most part) crisp and sunny. The leaves on the trees are turning beautifully vivid shades of rust, red, yellow and gold. Halloween and Bonfire Night are almost upon us. This is one of my favourite times of year, when there is almost a magical feeling in the air.

All photographs taken by myself (apart from those featuring me, which were taken by my boyfriend), from Autumn 2009, 2010 and 2011