26 Sep 2010

Masha Mel

I love this series of photographs by Masha Mel for Tourist Magazine

22 Sep 2010

London Fashion Week: Charles Anastase

Charles Anastase's girls remind me of fashion illustrations. Tall, impossibly skinny girls wearing the highest platform shoes imaginable, with huge eyes peering out from behind thickly rimmed glasses, and teeny tiny pouty lips. And the clothes! Oversized white frilly dresses that look like the model has raided her mum's closet; prim button-up dresses that look like something a librarian would wear - if they weren't totally see-through. Anastase's collections always look twee and sensible, sometimes a bit puritan-esq, at first glance. But, look closer! There's always a twist (remember summer 09's suspenders?) and this time it is this: the majority of the garments are completely sheer, and these naughty models aren't wearing bras!
The obvious muses for Anastase are his 'official' style inspiration, Valentine Fillol-Cordier, and queen of geek chic, Tennesse Thomas of The Like. A not so in-your-face inspiration surely comes from someone whom most of you will have known (or perhaps even been) at some point in your life: the awkward girl at school. Think She's All That (or any other 'geek becomes prom queen' high school flick) - the girl before the transformation. Messy hair, unflattering clothes, self-conscious demeanor, and of course the thick glasses. All Charles does is sex it up a bit. The hair is just-got-out-of-bed Alexa Chung; the clothes are based on typical geek-chic (peter pan collars, misfitting shapes, knee to midi lengths) but sexed up; the self-conscious way of holding themselves now looks cute and appealing and the glasses are here to stay. The main difference, of course, is that this is the new 'It' girl and nowadays, everyone wants to be her.

Photographs. Style.com

21 Sep 2010

Things I like at the moment

happy because

1. Fashion week street style.

Everyone seems to make more of an effort during fashion week, even if it just means wearing skyscraper heels instead of flats. If you live in one of the major fashion cities, it's not hard to get snapped if you wear the right clothes and hang round the right places, easier still if you're with the right people. And so every fashionista worth her new season Alexa bag and Burberry aviator jacket dresses up in the best of her best clothes and parades around waiting to be photographed, much to my delight. Fashion week street style has a huge influence on what people will be wearing for the rest of the season. It susses out what is wearable from last seasons shows, shoves in any new up-and-coming trends which have emerged and grown since, and mixes it up with some pretty wicked personal style to boot.

2. Rachel Antonoff's Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Quite often, my favourite collections are those smaller, less well-known labels, with more reasonable prices. Those who show presentations rather than catwalk shows. Rachel Antonoff showed her 'slumber party' presentation in a New York apartment and had me drooling over every piece. Vintage inspired gingham and floral dresses with sailor collars, button-down shirts tied at the waist frilly ankle socks spoke right to my heart.

3. Peter Pan collars.
Ahh peter pan collars, how I love thee. On dresses and on blouses, these cute collars instantly make an item of clothing appeal more to me. They seem to be all over the spring/summer catwalks ... pictured here at Charles Anastase and featured in collections by Band of Outsiders and Mulberry amongst others. It must be the vintage connection that appeals to me - some of my favourite vintage finds feature a prim little peter pan collar - but it looks like my favourite collar is about to go main stream.

4. Creative lookbooks.
It's all very well to make beautiful clothes and have an interesting website and minimal yet beautiful stores. But what really makes a brand stand out for me is when they produce a stand-out lookbook. Take this lookbook by Talula - stunning high contrast photographs, featuring scattered flower petals and floral crowns. The clothes aren't always the main focus of the images - in fact, they're not even visible in some shots of the flowers alone on the wooden floorboards- but this series of images makes me want to wear Talula clothes. These lookbooks, whether they are in print or online, suggest a lifestyle to go with the clothes. And if you like the look of the lifestyle, chances are that you will want to buy the clothes that they are selling.

5. Alexa Chung for Madewell 'Margot' skirt.
Gosh, I want this skirt. I really, really want this skirt. Even if Madewell shipped to this country, it has sold out online and is way out of my price range. And there are none on ebay. What is it about this skirt which makes me crave it so? My friend, Ness has a really similar skirt that I have had my eye on for a while. It's more a beige colour that the Margot, and it has little buttons down the front (which I love), but it is more or less the same length and shape, and it has those beautiful pleats. The Margot skirt reminds me of my friends, with the added bonus that it was designed by Alexa. This skirt could be worn with anything in my wardrobe. Heeled lace up ankle boots, or flat brogues. Casual tee shirts, or cotton button up shirts. Long granddad cardigans, or short boxy knits. I need this skirt in my life!

via so much to tell you

6. Cosy, lived-in, bohemian decorating inspiration.
My ideal home would be a modestly sized countryside abode, complete with sprawling fields, chicken coop and vegetable patch. The inside of the cottage would be a labyrinth of rooms, with small unexpected staircases, wooden floorboards and original beamed ceilings. All of the furniture would be old -not necessarily antiques, but old and loveworn- and each room would have a vague colour scheme. The lounge would be a mixing pot of reds, browns and creams. Couches would be big enough to drift off to sleep on, piled up with layers of cosy patterned blankets and large suede and faux fur cushions. Sheepskin and frayed pattered rugs would cover up the floor boards. Tiffany lamps would be placed on carved wooden coffee tables and interesting ornaments would sit beside them. The overall ambience would be homely, warm and welcoming.

clever nettle

7. Film photography.
I can't get enough of the 35mm camera that my boyfriend's dad gave me. I am now compiling a list of other analogue cameras that I want/need. I love the gritty, raw feel of film. Digital is too polished, too perfect. You don't get accidents in digital photography, you get infinite chances to perfect the same photograph. With film, you are limited to how many shots you have. It's these inperfections and accidental shots which have reignited my love of film.

mr newton

8. Full length skirts.
Another skirt that I really want in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe is a plain jersey maxi, in either black or dark navy blue. Teamed with silk blouses or cosy jumpers, this skirt is the ultimate comfy yet stylish piece for this season. I'm yet to find the perfect skirt - one like this one pictured, that doesn't cling, but falls perfectly.

via Dora's Fur

9. Velvet dresses.
A velvet dress (a bright blue one would be perfect) with a little white lace collar is number one on my winter wish list. I would dress it down for day time with a thick woolly scarf, wool tights and flat brogues; or dress it up for night time with the highest heels that I could manage. I had a bit of a velvet kick last winter - notable a mini skirt and a capelet - and this Christmas it is going to be back with a vengence!

10. Topshop Unique coat.
If only I had £300 to spare .... I have craved this coat since first gazing at photographs of it being shown in London Fashion Week back in February. The luscious brown leather oversized duffle fastenings, the gorgeous cream shearling detailing. The perfect length. I see myself wearing this coat with brown lace-up heeled ankle boots, cream opaque tights and a little dress underneath. I'd have the hood pulled up, low over my eyes and a huge smile on my face.

14 Sep 2010

We've still got the taste dancin' on our tongues

iris jans, tommy petroni, via senseless acts of beauty, grace and lauren for tourist magazine, feline de coninick, clever nettle, bisous mon amour, alexandra agoston

6 Sep 2010

Ten Things I Like September

this girl's beautiful photographs

the a/w 2010 duskin lookbook

the margaret durow a/w 2010 campaign

photography by masha mel for tourist magazine

stunning photographs by tamara lichtenstein

the like's 60s image

urban outfitter's lookbooks

longer skirt lengths
australian vogue

discotheque confusion

enviable camera collections
bisous mon amour