24 Oct 2011

Autumn Inspiration

Currently feeling inspired by : -
winter florals, wavy hair with blonde tips, cosy jumpers, foraging for free food and long modish bobs.

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17 Oct 2011

Recent Times


A week off work. Fun times at a friends wedding, a few days break to Kirkby Lonsdale, foraging for blackberries and sloes (and subsequently making blackberry and apple crumble and sloe gin), bike rides at the water park, spending time with friends at the food and drink festival and watching boy/friends bands play. Followed by a horrible tummy bug that has kept me in bed for the past few days :(

13 Oct 2011

Lula, Issue 13

Lula issue 13 is a thing of beauty. It has taken pride of place in my room, sat atop issues 6-12. if only i could get my hands on 1-5, I would have a full set.

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