15 Jan 2010

home is where the art is

this is what i want our home to look like:

flowers everywhere - in old paint cans, in used glass lemonade bottles, in an assortment of vases, in tea pots, in tea cups, in different coloured glass vials. exposed floor boards in every room - some painted white, some traditionally varnished. heavy old wooden furniture - bureaus, chests, dressers. unique, point of interest light fittings, hanging low from ceilings, over kitchen tables, mounted on walls. patterned wallpaper in hidden nooks, on chimney brests, on feature walls. pretty, dainty dresses, hats, jewellery and furs used as decorations - draped over furniture, hung on walls. an assortment of pictures and mirrors hung haphazordly on walls. kitchen dressers displaying a range of china. french country style kitchen. floral tea sets displayed on mantle piece. gold gilted frames in every room. white walls. antique signs. antique dressing tables, cluttered with knick knacks, jewellery and tea cups. wooden beams. ornate vases. sleigh beds. candleabras. taxidermy.

what would your dream home be like?



  1. I love the living rooms, especially the last picture. Everything is so cluttered and homey, it looks inviting to collapse on a couch and kick your feet up on the table. Great post!

  2. I love this post! And I agree with the flowers. I wish it was summer right now because I keep having cravings to fill my room with flowers in jam jars but I can't afford to buy them and there are obviously none in our garden at the mo! I have posted pictures of lavender in vintage bottles and also flowers in a milk bottle this month. I love it!
    I love the idea of using dresses as decoration, like wishwishwish posted about, I keep thinking about using one of my summer dresses to hang up!
    All your ideas sound great to me. I am absolutely itching to have my own house to decorate. It's so hard to fulfill all of my ideas and plans in just one bedroom!

    This is my dream kitchen:


    And by the way you should go for it! None of those things are that difficult to achieve in a weekend!

  3. so beautiful! i'd love my home to look like that too! xx

  4. a pink refrigerator! i love it, although i'm not sure my husband would agree with me.

  5. these are all beautiful homes ; i can never choice my dream home , there are just so many ideas and colors and styles i could choose from !
    i plan , one day when i own my own home , to make every room different and have it's own unique style ! :}
    and i would love to have one of those pretty floral wallpapers <3

  6. The ultimate Shabby chic! I am in love with wooden floors...essential for a home. Gorgeous pictures.

    Thanks for following! x