22 Feb 2012

GUEST POST - The Big Mac Blog

After putting together a guest post for my friend Christine's blog, The Big Mac, I decided to get her to return the favour and asked her to put together a post for kisses and cross stitches. Here it is (please note that all photos are Christine's own and if used elsewhere should be credited as such).

I am very honoured to be asked to write a guest post for kissesandcrossstitches. I have been an avid follower for some time and look forward to the inspirational photography and choice fashion picks. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and my little blog.

My name is Christine Mac AKA The Big Mac. I work as a clothing designer, stylist. Currently I’m living in London, England. 2012 is to be my year of adventure. I have vowed to travel and experience the unknown and take my camera along with me. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

My blog features photos capturing my daily life, beautiful things I see and love and my never ending journey of inspiration. I am always fascinated by the World around me and take joy from the smallest of things.

I am setting sail from London to France in 10 days where I’ll be eating cheese, learning French, training for the Berlin Marathon (!) and sharing in my new found French life.

I love to take photographs wherever I go, even if it’s just popping down to the local shop for milk or going for a bite to eat with friends. My camera is always with me. My other love is designing frocks and styling beautiful photoshoots. I have an obsession with colour, pugs, flowers, 1950’s dresses, ginger hair and cake.

Join me on my journey, it should be a laugh!


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I am definitely checking out her blog now <3

  2. That first photo is real good!!

  3. Heading right on over to check out her blog! Thanks!

  4. Aww I just noticed these comment, thanks guys! Big Love from The Big Mac H.Q xxx