25 Feb 2012

Right Now

I am currently....

Creating a wish list of picnic-worthy summer frocks

Inspired to decorate, dreaming of pale mint walls, fairy lights and cosy cashmere throws.

Searching for The Perfect Shirt Dress

Looking forward to eating outdoors - day time picnics, night time picnics and al fresco dining beckon

Fawning over Erin's photographs of the Lauren Moffat presentation at NYFW

Tempting myself to buy an obscene amount of fresh flowers after pouring over Amy Merrick's work

In love with collars in all shapes and sizes - especially decorative ones


  1. I wish it was warm enough to eat outdoors and wear a beautiful summertime frock with a lovely collar! You have me dreaming of better weather :)

  2. i dont think i'm ever gonna tire of collars x

  3. You always put together the dreamiest posts! <3 <3 <3 that first dress made me swoooooon hehxxx

  4. I'm loving the fashion and clothing in this post! So perfect!