31 Mar 2014

Where the Wild Roses Grow

They call me The Wild Rose
But my name is Elisa Day
Why they call me it I do not know
For my name is Elisa Day

Lyrics: Nick Cave ft Kylie Minogue

Photographs: my own

26 Mar 2014


Everything was packed into the Smart car, like a game of Tetris. The pop-up picnic table and tent went in first, lodged down the back of our seats; followed by a strategic placement of roll bags, sleeping bags, cool box and other miscellaneous but nevertheless important objects. When we crawled onto the camp sites, the comfortable caravan owners would eye us up and down with contempt. Surely we weren't camping, our tiny car looked incapable of carrying all of the paraphernalia required for a good night's sleep under the stars.

We did camp though. We would organise our 'set-up' and relax on the blanket outside the tent with a picnic of baguette, laughing cow cheese, fruit and one Euro bottles of wine. On chilly nights we would swathe ourselves in cosy jumpers and listen to the Alan Partridge audio book; on sweltering afternoons we would discover children's playgrounds and fool around on trampolines. 

There was a loose plan of what we wanted to see and the route that we would take. The mega-lithes in Carnac (pictured above), the hilarious plastic dinosaurs just outside Rochefort-en-terre, the staggering cliffs at Etretat. Camera in hand, we explored, adventured and walked to our heart's content.

Camping was broken up by two idyllic stays in traditional French gites - my aunt and uncle's beautifully refurbished stone cottage in Baud and a family friend's secluded retreat near Saint James. Dreams of a retirement plan in the extreme distant future fluttered as we grew used to the laid-back lifestyle. 

Photograph taken by Dave and edited by myself

24 Mar 2014


Welcome to my monthly edition of my favourite Instagram accounts. There's a lot of talented photographers out there snapping away tiny photographs on their phones. You may have noticed that I have become even more endeared with white outlined rectangular photographs on my favourite social channel. It's no coincidence that the majority of my favourites featured here have embraced the same aesthetic.

Please comment below with your account details and any recommendations.

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22 Mar 2014


Today is miserable. So rather than exploring outdoors, as I have been spending my weekends recently, I've been cooped up inside, admiring the views that others have seen.

17 Mar 2014


If you're going to start a style blog, there are three rules that you should heed: post interesting editorial-style photographs, pick a strong aesthetic and stick to it and mix it up a bit with some travel/lifestyle/nature thrown in for good measure.

Look to Berta Bernad as an example. Yeah, so her blog is essentially showcasing her wardrobe (beautiful as it is; all silk shirt dresses, loosely tailored shorts and straw hats) but her images make you stop and look twice. And then spend the best part of an hour scrolling back over her archives. Whether she is seeking inspiration from Lukasz Wierzbowski with awkward poses and dishevelled hair covering her face, carefully considering her outfits to complement the backdrop of Moroccan tiles or nonchalantly posing amongst plants in picture-perfect greenhouses; Berta is giving the world of fashion blogs a much needed boost. 

16 Mar 2014


The first of many new features to come; I will be sharing a selection of my current favourite songs for you to listen to at your pleasure - and in the hope that you may suggest new music for me to listen to.

Future Islands: Seasons
Wild Beasts: Wanderlust
The National: Vanderlyle Crybaby Geek
Arcade Fire: Reflektor
Kurt Vile: Wakin on a Pretty Day
Neutral Milk Hotel: Holland, 1945
Television: Marquee Moon
Majical Cloudz: Childhood's End
The Phantom Band: Folk Song Oblivion
Paul Simon: Graceland
Nick Drake: Road
Karate: Cacophony
The The: This is the Day
Broken Social Scene: Lover's Spit
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth
Pavement: The Killing Moon
Plank!: Babia Majora


After an awesome but strenuous hike yesterday, I am having a lazy day around the house, plotting several new features to my blog. You may have noticed that I am writing about fashion less and less. I guess I see that as my day job now (over here - Flannels) and I want to transform this blog to reflect my interests outside of the work place. Namely, photography and the great outdoors.

For now, here are some shots from my Nikon F60 from last weekend's walks: the hills around Hebden Bridge and Rivington Reservoir.

#northwestisbest (the North West of England that is!)

11 Mar 2014


This past weekend was perfect. Crisp early-spring air, just warm enough to bare arms. Clear blue skies. Hiking over hills, driving through the countryside and strolling around reservoirs. My newly revived love for Instagram culminating in a staggering amount of images just begging to be edited and uploaded. I have discovered a new appreciation for the ghostly trees of winter and hazy fog, just as the first buds of spring are beginning to bloom.

All photos from my instagram: