31 Jul 2012

Pink and Blue

More from Hawaiian Coconut (Emily from Wildfox's exquisite photography blog). She seeks out the pinks and blues in the world and captures them in technicolour.

28 Jul 2012


Last night was my boyfriend's bands album launch party at the Soup Kitchen. The venue was packed, Plank! sounded epic and our friend donned a pig mask to dance on stage. All in all, an awesome night.

Buy the album on vinyl or cd here

Photos by me (apart from the photo of me in the pig mask, taken by a friend)

Elizabeth Sarah

These awesome photographs by Elizabeth Sarah are making me dig out my film cameras. The depth of field on that third shot is beautiful.

25 Jul 2012

Wolf & Willow

New favourite blog alert! Wolf & Willow is a recent find that details Jana's awesome photography skills (check out the depth of field and composition on photos 7 & 8), awesome boho-hippy style and the beautiful landscapes of America that I so want to visit myself.

Lonely Dot: Just Like a Woman

I've shared love for Lonely Dot numerous times before (here, here and here). Their new editorial just might be my favourite yet. Autumn starts here.

Photographs by Katharina Hancock.
Beautiful haired model - Jessica Garrison.

24 Jul 2012

Style on the Streets

This weeks style inspiration comes courtesy of Another Day To Dress Up, Natalie Off Duty, Cali Vintage and Lee Oliveira. Summer dressing never looked so good.


I don't know if you've noticed, but I have updated my Blog Roll with more of my favourite blogs. A new addition to the list is Phobos - a blog that I only discovered this evening via an all-time favourite, Hjartesmil

If beautiful, high-contrast photography that makes excellent use of light, colour and composition is your thing, then I recommend checking this (relatively) new blog out.