2 Feb 2010

Marlene Marino

I have fallen in love. Head over heels, insanely, madly, deeply in love. With Marlene Marino's photography. Beautiful, dreamy images featuring waif like beauties adorned in the prettiest of clothes, set against backdrops of pastal walls, floral bedspreads and darling gardens. Her images instantly evoke wistful longings for the temperatures to soar, in order to laze around in tiny floral summer dresses.


  1. that first pic; thats how i wanna look

  2. Beautiful photographs! I love the dress in the first one, and the last photo is gorgoeus xx

  3. so classy!! :)


  4. Oh!!!!I tried to find out the name of the photographer yesterday and didn't find her. so thanks!These pictures are sooo beautiful.
    I wish UO would send the catalogue to Europe:(

  5. beautiful pictures.


  6. I really love that first outfit!!! And great find! I love her pictures!

  7. i must look at more of her work !!! i adore the first and last photo the most . so so pretty ! <3

  8. love all these! seriously. love.


  9. oh gosh! i am now helplessly in love with her photography...! your words explain quite perfectly what i love about them.

    maybe we SHOULD start our own book club :P

    i've read "everything is illuminated" and loved it! i've been meaning to read his other one. his wife, nicole krauss, is an equally talented writer: she has a book called "the history of love" which is sooo good as well!

    "the lake of dead languages" sounds really good; thanks! speaking of girl's boarding schools: have you heard of the movie "cracks" with eva green? it looks so good and it's based on a book by the same name. my library doesn't have it and i've been trying not to buy new books, so i haven't read it yet. have you read it, by any chance?