15 Feb 2010

Lina Scheynius

I adore the work of Lina Scheynius. Bright hues of candy pink, mint green and sunshine yellow. Ornately patterned wallpaper, carpets and curtains. High contrast photographs, wonderful use of light. Amazing details, with something to look at in every single corner of the picture.

Who are your favourite photographers? I would love a few recommendations


  1. I have added my recent favorite photographers to my flickr contacts. You can go and see them here:

    I also love to look at my favorite photographer's favorites on flickr, it's a guaranteed source of new photographers in a similar style!

    And I love the work of Chris Craymer. :)

  2. I can not say how much I love the spring 2010 color pallet! love these photography!


  3. Tim Walker, Edouad Longeon, Wendy Bevan, Paolo Roversi, Yelena Yemchuck... the list goes on!