7 Oct 2010

Paris Fashion Week: Carven

Without a doubt, this is how I want to dress next Summer. Guillaume Henry presented a collection that was the epitome of quirky French chic. Looking back over his previous two collections (the revival of the label is only very recent), the Peter Pan collar and a chic-yet-playful attitude seem to be a constant theme. Pretty button-up blouses are teamed with tailored shorts and sleek blazers. A dress with the hems trailing down comes in a stunning pattern or a simple baby blue. A black and white shift dress featuring a city scene comes with a removable collar. There's a beautiful beige coat with a pouffy skirt that I would take over a standard trench anyday. And the shoes! The black bows are reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton bunny ear headpieces from 2009. This is a very Parisienne collection, that should be worn with black sheer tights, mussed up hair and minimal makeup - just a smudgen of lip stain.


  1. without a doubt i could see myself wearing all of these outfits... like everyday. these are clothes i would never want to take off.

  2. god, i'm deeply in love with carven.

  3. omygosh these are made of dreams! weirdly drawn to the 8th one the most...corporate hey