31 Mar 2013

Wandering Star

Yet again I am sharing with you an editorial from Lonely Dot. I love this website - awesome vintage, beautiful photographs and travel; what isn't to like?

The latest editorial, Wandering Star is set amongst rolling fields under a hazy summers sky. A dishevelled blonde frolics with a bunch of balloons and a handful of wild flowers, dressed head to toe in Janelle's latest vintage finds (and a fantastic clock bag!).

27 Mar 2013

The Perfect Dress

Do you ever lay eyes on an article of clothing and think "I have been searching for this without even realising it!" 

I have never had a white lace dress on my wishlist. I am not engaged and a white lace dress instantly evokes images of weddings. Until I clicked onto my favourite personal style blog this morning (hello, Natalie)and saw these photographs I would never have looked twice at a white lace dress.

After seeing Natalie rock this H&M Conscious Exclusive dress with black boots, messy hair, heaps of jewellery and a little rock n' roll swag -I can't stop thinking about it! As she states herself, it would look pretty awesome as a wedding dress when paired with a floral wreath in your hair. But forget about that for now! Just think of wearing it now, layered up in the snow with layers of chunky knits and cosy boots. Or when the sun finally shines, with wooden wedges, a nonchalant sunhat and piles of beads.

I need to get my hands on this dress!


Remembering a weekend spent with friends in Brighton last summer....

I would love to spend more time there this year. Relaxing on the beach both day and night, brunch at Bills, skate-boarding dogs, photo opportunities around every corner.

All photographs, my own.

26 Mar 2013

March through Instagram

Wishing that my hair would grow faster, a cosy fireplace in the countryside, the new issue of Lula, out on the moors for a long walk with best friends

Planning our summer trip, an incredibly elaborate starter presentation, Dog Bowl balls, King Crimson face

A splash of red amongst green, best friends, walking over the hills, beautiful light

Can you believe that it is almost April? This time last year I was already enjoying picnics in parks and photographing the cherry blossom. Roll on a year and its been the coldest March in 50 years!

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True Blue

true blue
As I wrote on the Flannels blog yesterday, Blue is the colour to be seen in this season.

Browsing my polyvore clips this evening, I realised that the majority of what has caught my eye recently has all fitted within a blue colour palette. 

Still dreaming of warmer days and upcoming holidays, here are my top blue picks for the summer.

25 Mar 2013

Simply the Best

Lina Scheynius

I often share newly discovered and long-time favourite photographers on my blog. Here are a selection of those whose work I am particularly intrigued by at the moment.

22 Mar 2013

Elena Kholkina

Russian photographer Elena Kholkina is my latest discovery.

My top tip for the day is to check out her work.