27 Mar 2013

The Perfect Dress

Do you ever lay eyes on an article of clothing and think "I have been searching for this without even realising it!" 

I have never had a white lace dress on my wishlist. I am not engaged and a white lace dress instantly evokes images of weddings. Until I clicked onto my favourite personal style blog this morning (hello, Natalie)and saw these photographs I would never have looked twice at a white lace dress.

After seeing Natalie rock this H&M Conscious Exclusive dress with black boots, messy hair, heaps of jewellery and a little rock n' roll swag -I can't stop thinking about it! As she states herself, it would look pretty awesome as a wedding dress when paired with a floral wreath in your hair. But forget about that for now! Just think of wearing it now, layered up in the snow with layers of chunky knits and cosy boots. Or when the sun finally shines, with wooden wedges, a nonchalant sunhat and piles of beads.

I need to get my hands on this dress!


  1. YES I also adore this dress! I'm not that bothered about getting married but I always think if I did I'd get a dress I could wear again and again.. and this would be it.