29 Apr 2012

Inconnu // Unknown

I love discovering epic new websites that keep me enthralled for hours on end. I have recently been searching for an online collective showcasing analogue photographers and out of the blue, this evening I stumbled across Inconnu // Unknown. The site curates "little known pictures, places + their stories" and has led me on an hour-long labyrinth of the web, creeping from link to link discovering dozens of photography gems.

From top to bottom: Brian W. Ferry, Elif Sanem Karakoc, Grisha Pertsev, Laura-Lynn Petrick, Milica Amidzic, Nina Ahn, Rosanna Webster, Tina Sosna.
(the links take you to the photographer's page on Inconnu//Unknown. From there, you can navigate to their various websites/blogs/portfolios)

28 Apr 2012


This is a bit off topic for my blog, but I thought I would share anyway! Myself and my boyfriend visited an owl sanctuary today and here are the resulting photographs.

All photographs taken and edited by myself

17 Apr 2012

Lukasz Wierbowski

I am in awe of Lukasz Wierbowski's photography. I think I posted about him a year or so ago (I apologise if you recognise any of the photographs from an earlier blog post, I tried to use different ones). His photographs are exactly what I would like my photographs to be like if I was a photographer. I love the vivid bursts of colours and the use of florals - bushes of flowers or in prints on dresses. I love that the models rarely show their faces, which are often hidden behind messy waves of hair. If this is the first time that you have come across Wierbowski, I strongly recommend trawling his tumblr for hours on end.

15 Apr 2012


I love cherry blossom season. The first day that I saw the blossoms burst out of the buds, I grabbed my camera for a quick 5 minute photo session. These were taken with my Canon Powershot S95, I need to get some more snaps with my DSLR before the petals begin to fall. I love the depth of field in these photographs, and have been thinking about getting them made into business cards - what do you think?

All photos taken and edited by myself

14 Apr 2012


Years ago, when I first discovered the joys of the internet, Cari Ann Wayman was one of the very first photographers that I fell for. This afternoon has been spent catching up on the past year or so of Wayman's work: beautifully haunting self-portraits of the photographer exploring abandoned houses. See more here.