29 Apr 2012

Inconnu // Unknown

I love discovering epic new websites that keep me enthralled for hours on end. I have recently been searching for an online collective showcasing analogue photographers and out of the blue, this evening I stumbled across Inconnu // Unknown. The site curates "little known pictures, places + their stories" and has led me on an hour-long labyrinth of the web, creeping from link to link discovering dozens of photography gems.

From top to bottom: Brian W. Ferry, Elif Sanem Karakoc, Grisha Pertsev, Laura-Lynn Petrick, Milica Amidzic, Nina Ahn, Rosanna Webster, Tina Sosna.
(the links take you to the photographer's page on Inconnu//Unknown. From there, you can navigate to their various websites/blogs/portfolios)

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  1. oh my gosh thank you for the link to that blog, amazing! hours of internet inspiration.