29 Oct 2013

Wish I was wearing

Have you ever fallen in love with someone else's wardrobe? My latest Instagram crush is feathers_frills - a feed that predominantly features a unique take on the outfit post. Instead of shot after shot of pouting into the camera, Victoria chooses to put the focus back onto the clothes - after all, that's what an outfit post is all about. Encompassing neck-down shots, birds eye view displays and close-up details, we see in detail all of the aesthetically pleasing components of Victoria's daily outfits. Arran sweaters, printed pumps, camo silk shirts, bleached distressed mum jeans, delicate jewellery - all of my favourites crammed into one feed.

28 Oct 2013

Andy Heart

I love finding new blogs to pour over the archives of. Clicking from one link to another over the weekend led me to the minimalistic world of Andy Heart. Nice photographs, crisp and clean outfit posts, simple tote bags and piles of minimal jewellery add a good monochromatic aesthetic to my favourites list.

Do let me know if you have any recommendations of blogs that I should follow.

25 Oct 2013

Thoughts on Style

I have multiple fashion personalities. One day I will be head to toe vintage, the next I may wish to channel the nineties, today I'm full on Scandinavian blogger double-denim and a floppy hat. However, I will never be able to pull off the ultra-high-fashion minimal luxe look (due to lack of funds, lack of a stick thin body and lack of a model-esque face). But I sure as hell can admire it from afar. 

I love the idea of wearing loosely tailored mum jeans with Zara heels, of rocking a pair of Celine tartan pumps, of pulling off oversized culottes but alas it's not for me. When slicked back in a loose ponytail my hair looks horrific, my 28-year-old tummy should not be on display in a cropped top (although I have been known to wear one with a mega-high-waisted skirt) and my boyfriend would roll about on the floor laughing if I dared to wear leather joggers.

I think that these are the girls whose style I admire the most. These waifs who can rock the most unflattering of styles whilst still looking smoking hot. People like Camille and Andy and Evangelie deserve to have huge followings on their blogs because they are actually throwing something out there that makes us rethink what we call beautiful clothes.

Inspired by: Andy Heart, Camille Over the Rainbow, Hawaiian CoconutStyle Heroine, Zara, Phoebe Philo shot by David Sims. 

Lula Issue 17

Ahh Lula, Girl of my Dreams. I've built up quite an impressive collection of the whimsical magazine - issue number 17 brings my total up to 13. The editorials are as beautiful as ever, the interviews inspiring, the clothes impeccably styled by Leith Clark. My favourite part of the magazine? The eight page article asking little girls with ridiculously pretty names (Lila, Mae, Tallulah) what they would do if they were Queen of the World.The best answer? Roxie Rose, age 9: "I would give away my title and go live in the stable with the horses".

My photographs of Lula issue 17

23 Oct 2013

All Wrapped Up

Apologies for the Zara onslaught of late but the high street favourite is drumming up some serious autumnal apparel. I'm currently on the lookout for a new coat and naturally it was the first place to turn.

So do I go for:

Number 1 - The faux leather shearling lined jacket. The only short jacket on my wish list - which is a definite plus when I'm currently struggling to layer my longer-length dresses and skirts.

Number 2 - The seventies inspired suede coat. Warm and cosy yet won't go with everything and the seventies aren't really my decade style-wise.

Number 3 - The on-trend oversized tartan. I'm seriously in love with this coat but on a practical level, the sleeve length puts me off.

Number 4 - The faux leather trimmed jacket. Another favourite on the list and in this season's tartan.

Number 5 - The double breasted coat. A beautiful silhouette but red really isn't my colour.

Number 6 - The Stella McCartney inspired coat. Completely in practical but oh so pretty.

All images - Zara

15 Oct 2013

Autumnal Inspiration

Let's get one thing straight - I love Autumn. 

I love wearing layers of knits and coats and hats and scarves; wrapping up warm and walking amongst the crunchy fallen leaves. I love sitting inside a country pub, sipping cider and watching raindrops trickle down the window. I love that magical, almost electrical feeling in the air.

I also love Autumn clothes. Leather skirts, chunky knitwear, denim shirts, tartan trousers ankle boots, plaid scarves .... the list is endless. I'm currently coveting an oversized cosy jumper (perfect for throwing on over a dainty floral dress ala Kate Foley), the perfect silk printed vintage shirt and a gigantic plaid scarf.