25 Oct 2013

Lula Issue 17

Ahh Lula, Girl of my Dreams. I've built up quite an impressive collection of the whimsical magazine - issue number 17 brings my total up to 13. The editorials are as beautiful as ever, the interviews inspiring, the clothes impeccably styled by Leith Clark. My favourite part of the magazine? The eight page article asking little girls with ridiculously pretty names (Lila, Mae, Tallulah) what they would do if they were Queen of the World.The best answer? Roxie Rose, age 9: "I would give away my title and go live in the stable with the horses".

My photographs of Lula issue 17


  1. I love this. I am an avid cut out and stick down sort of girl, but i have to reserve this kind of behaviour for Elle, Red etc and other main stream mags as there are far too many really beautiful magazines like Lula that i could never chop up, i just love to keep them and gaze at them for inspiration on long dark and rainy nights xxxx

  2. So utterly beautiful. Can't wait to go out and get my hands on this, Lula always has the most beautiful photographs xo