29 Dec 2013

The Simple Life

"These are the days that must happen to you": Laura D'art quotes this line from the Walt Whitman poem Song of the Open Road as her mantra in life. She lives her life travelling and photographing and engaging her senses to the world around her. Just reading her self-penned profile gives you the urge to uproot and explore the world. 

It is the world that she currently occupies that intrigues me the most. My feet are itching to explore the dense forests and rugged coastlines of Oregon. Wood burning on the stove, candle-lit dinners, dense fog and cosy layers. I have an overly romanticised opinion of the north west coast of America that I long to explore. 

My 2013

Here's looking at ya 2013 ...

January - April

I tend to forget about the first few months of the year, retreating to my bed and semi-hibernating away from the cold outside, dreaming of the warmer weather to come. Memories of January through to April include: a day at the museum, sitting cross-legged on the floor of wallpapered rooms listening to hauntingly beautiful music, meeting new friends, a day trip to London, photographing butterflies, hiking in Todmorden on my best friend's birthday and freezing cold local walks.

May - August

My favourite time of year; blossom littering the trees, ice lollies stickily melting in your hands, the intense summer heat. There are too many memories to mention but highlights include: Sounds From the Other City, lounging in my friend's garden with delicious food and friendly cats, our French road trip, hazy summer days spent with friends in meadows and discovering lakes, a fun afternoon in Hebden Bridge, my Berlin adventure, my birthday trip to the Lake District and my birthday garden party.

September - December

The nights get closer, the air gets crisper and the scenery turns a breathtaking fusion of burnt hues - ahhh Autumn. My favourite autumnal memories include: family fun day at The Whitworth with the most beautiful babies, a trip to Kirkby Lonsdale, Carefully Planned Festival, walks walks and more walks, a visit to London, house parties, exploring abandoned buildings and Christmas parties.

Here's to 2014!

28 Dec 2013

Instagram Update - Autumn 2013

The end of the year calls for a recap. Whilst I gather my thoughts about 2013 - what I did, where I went, who looked good, which blogs I read and the rest of it -, here are the past few months through my favourite social media channel.

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Adventures, adventures, adventures. This Autumn was all about walking over hills and through woods.

My favourite time of year to go for walks is when the leaves are red and golden.

Butterflies and flowers and a selection of my favourite Autumnal apparel.

Flowers and food (two of my favourites).

Christmas Day and Christmas gifts, collars and photobooths.