30 May 2012

Film Diaries - March 2012

I love getting a roll of film developed, especially when you've forgotten what is on it! This roll is from March this year and features the first warm day of the year spent with friends in the meadows and a walk near Ingleton on my boyfriend's birthday.

All photos taken by myself

All kinds of awesome

Sarah-Louise Marks  and Christopher Phelps share beautiful, free-spirited photographs that tell tales of vacations in California, exploring English forests and Parisian streets, and Sarah-Louise's impeccable laid-back style. Enjoy!

27 May 2012


How beautiful is this collection of photographs by the incredibly talented Nirrimi? They have me daydreaming of road-tripping across Europe for a summer.

23 May 2012

Wanderlust: Tofino, Canada

My friend Christine, the multi-talented lady behind The Big Mac Blog is currently on an epic journey exploring the world. She is currently spending some time in Tofino, Canada. In Christine's words 'The baking here is unbelievable, the muffins are like nothing I've ever tasted, the flowers are in full bloom and the sea breeze is delightful.'

Here is Christine's view on Tofino:

18 May 2012