26 Nov 2010

Out of a Strobe

There are 1000s of etsy vintage stores out there and it takes a lot of work to make yours stand out. One particular store which I have seen mentioned here and there, that is propelling above the rest, is Out Of A Strobe Vintage.

Out Of A Strobe is run by Kimmy - a lifelong vintage enthusiast, currently living in Germany who has spent the past few years travelling the globe, working for PPQ, styling for various magazines and is now dedicating her creative talent to her vintage site.

The Etsy store features the likes of nineties grunge floral dresses, cosy cable knit jumpers, faux fur coats and lace-up leather boots, all styled and posed by Kimmy herself. U Came Out Of A Strobe is the accompanying blog - packed full of the inspiration behind the collection. And what really makes Kimmy's site stand out from the others, is her self-styled look book.

The shoot is perfect for Fall. The model is photographed in shearling jackets layered over flimsy patterned dresses; slouchy oversized jumpers worn with floaty chiffon skirts; lent against trees, strolling through meadows, laying in the tall grass. This is the work of someone who is serious about what they want to achieve and has all of the tools that they need to get there!

13 Nov 2010

Louise Benson

Sometimes, I stumble across photographs that I really, really wish that I had taken myself. The stories that accompany them tell of summer jaunts in the countryside, inprompt photoshoots with friends, quaint holidays in French villages and discovering unspoilt parks in the midst of bustling cities. Louise Benson's photographs make me look at the South in a new light. Her interpretations of London/Cambridge/Brighton (and those quaint French villages) make me want to ram my belongings into a suitcase, grab my camera and lead my friends on an adventure up hills over fences into rivers and onto roofs.

3 Nov 2010

Abigail Varney.

My top tip for the day: check out the stunning photography of Abigail Varney