21 Feb 2010

Topshop Unique Aw 2010

Topshop Unique sent out possibly their best collection yet this weekend. Based around the Brownie motto of 'Be Prepared' and taking inspiration from Fantastic Mr Fox, The Big Bad Wolf and various woodland creatures (badger, stag, porcupine, squirrels); the Topshop in-house design team managed to mix in their own-brand of cool (helped out by stylist Katie Grand yet again) to create one of the stand-out collections so far for this Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion week.

And what were the elements that so perfectly fused together to create this collection? Take the cosy, thigh-high grey and cream woollen socks that almost every feral-looking model wore; add the animal head-dresses expertly created by Emma Cook perched on top of just-crawled-out-off-a-bush hair; mix in OTT furry eyebrows and mud-like makeup; and then add the wonderful, perfectly styled clothes. Khaki Scout-inspired skirts and jackets, oversized shearling coats, furry black knickers, striped Andy Pandy shirts and shorts sets, etheral chiffon dresses and jersey embroidered with mushrooms, clovers and twigs and the huge, paw-like mittens that every girl-in-the-know will surely be sporting next winter.

Images from style.com

15 Feb 2010

Lina Scheynius

I adore the work of Lina Scheynius. Bright hues of candy pink, mint green and sunshine yellow. Ornately patterned wallpaper, carpets and curtains. High contrast photographs, wonderful use of light. Amazing details, with something to look at in every single corner of the picture.

Who are your favourite photographers? I would love a few recommendations

8 Feb 2010

In the Trees

I like to take photographs of trees.

Photographs taken and edited by myself

2 Feb 2010

Marlene Marino

I have fallen in love. Head over heels, insanely, madly, deeply in love. With Marlene Marino's photography. Beautiful, dreamy images featuring waif like beauties adorned in the prettiest of clothes, set against backdrops of pastal walls, floral bedspreads and darling gardens. Her images instantly evoke wistful longings for the temperatures to soar, in order to laze around in tiny floral summer dresses.