17 Apr 2012

Lukasz Wierbowski

I am in awe of Lukasz Wierbowski's photography. I think I posted about him a year or so ago (I apologise if you recognise any of the photographs from an earlier blog post, I tried to use different ones). His photographs are exactly what I would like my photographs to be like if I was a photographer. I love the vivid bursts of colours and the use of florals - bushes of flowers or in prints on dresses. I love that the models rarely show their faces, which are often hidden behind messy waves of hair. If this is the first time that you have come across Wierbowski, I strongly recommend trawling his tumblr for hours on end.


  1. Thanks for that! I will definitely check his tumblr, those pictures look amazing! xx

  2. Love these photos! Especially the one of the girl throwing the flowers, and the one with a head sticking out the bush. Just started following his tumblr, too :)


  3. Gorgeous photos!

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  4. he is sooo awesome!!! i am in awe of his photos too

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