21 Sep 2013

The End of the Summer

This summer was epic. A long hot hazy medley of picnics, trips away and spending as much time outside as possible. The hottest summer in seven years released us from years of drizzle and clouds and having to wear tights in July. 

Each of the above photographs holds a memory of some of the most memorable days from the past five months. Exploring in Berlin, our Brittany road trip, lazing in meadows, day trips to the countryside; the perfect summer.


  1. That really does look like the perfect summer.

  2. Beautiful and atmospheric photos as usual! Nice to have a mix of black and white with colour. Where is that lake/ river you are swimming in?

  3. Your Berlin photographs bring back the best of memories! I love that city so much, and had once stayed just a few steps away from the East Side hotel (on a boat)!