10 Oct 2015


Wrapping up warm // dreaming of heavy materials, soft fabrics and rusts x neutrals.
When it's cold outside, I want to envelope myself in layers that I can peel off one-by-one when I'm warming up in front of a roaring open fire. Woolen beanie hats, thick ribbed wool socks and tights, desert boots with shearling lining. Long wide scarves layered over thin roll neck sweaters, corduroy pinafore dresses worn over shirts, dungarees worn loose over ribbed jersey. This autumn, it's all about going back to basics and choosing plain and simple layers of timeless clothing. Add a pop of rust or ochre, slide a delicate angular silver earring into your ear, let your hair hang loose and natural and don't you dare wear any make-up. Keep things natural, the kind of clothes that you'd feel just as comfortable running through a field or sitting on top of a hill wearing.

Images: Toast / Cabbages & Roses / Elizabeth Suzann / In a Pavilion x Feldt / Madewell / Unknown / Toast

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