8 Oct 2015


Better late than never, hello OCTOBER!
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for autumn. I've enjoyed the past few weeks of T-shirt and sandals weather stretching out over an Indian Summer, but my beloved jumpers and boots are winking at me, and my new Future Kept woolen blanket is sat on top of my wardrobe, begging to envelope me. I want to light candles, switch on the fake wood burner (and wish it was real!), photograph rusty leaves, and eat loads of cheese. Bring on OCTOBER.

TRAVELLING // The first weekend of the month was spent in a mad-dash last minute trip to Bristol. Peering over the side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (I'm the weirdest person scared of heights ever - shaky legs but I want to see the view!), seeking out the best street art and dining in the holy grail of eateries, The Canteen. Where did we sleep? In the back of the van on piles of blankets on the side of a country lane. It's cheaper than a hotel, y'know. I'll be sticking around Manchester for the rest of the month, eagerly anticipating my trip to Copenhagen next month.

WEARING // C'mon autumn, I want to wear a jumper! I love summer the most and would never dream of cheating on it, but autumn is just the best time of year for getting dressed. Aside from knitwear, pinafores, breton tops and ankle boots, I'm seeking out the perfect shirt dress. Not too short, not too long, preferably black or navy, short sleeved, quite a heavy weight material. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

EATING // Cheese! It's the time of year that I get planning my annual cheese, wine and board games night. I just need to set the date. Slightly off topic, but I'm also dying to crack open the posh gin that my friends gave me for my 30th - I'm just waiting for the right opportunity!

READING // I've been terrible at reading this month. I'm still finishing up The Fever and haven't even started the new Scarlett Thomas. My pile of skimmed yet unread magazines is piling up (I think I have to finally admit that I have a problem!) - Bedboat, The Ingenue, Betty Annual, Sunday Girl, Another Escape, Kinfolk and Suitcase are demanding my attention!

WRITING // As well as my usual freelance gigs and my awesome new part-time job working for an interiors brand, I've been putting pen to paper (or fingers to type pad) for some of my favourite magazines! I'll share the results when published, but I'm still in awe at the amazing opportunities that the past few months have brought me.

COVETING // I'm still after that new camera that's unfortunately out of my price range (can anyone recommend anything cheaper? I want small, yet quality). I'm seeking out that elusive shirt dress (I've had it pictured in my mind for months, it must exist!) and I'd really love a pair of Toast overalls and I'm craving lots of unnecessary yet beautiful things for my home from Future Kept and Rose & Grey.

WISHING // There were more hours in the day!

Image: my own @kissesxstitches


  1. I LOVE this time of year! Totally with you on the joy of breaking out jumpers and boots again after summer :-)

  2. your post is full of good vibes and now I can't think of nothing but a cheese night and some new books! 😊