27 Sep 2015


I'm finding myself inspired by interiors and coveting an abundance of plants, textured throws and rustic wooden stools.

I'm going to be bringing more interiors themed posts to the blog, so consider this a little introduction of the kind of aesthetic that tickles my fancy. I've had a lot of exposure to interior styling recently, and it's been reigniting old passions. Here's the top three things I can't stop hitting 'like' on:

1. Plants. Lots of plants. Cacti and succulents and rubber plants and ferns and ivy and spider plants and cheese plants! On shelves, on side tables, hanging from the ceiling, sitting within terrariums. I have barely any plants in my house, and need to get myself to the garden centre pronto!

2. Blankets, cushions and throws. Piles of them, in the living room and on the bed. The more the better, in a variety of textures and muted hues. I've also developed a silly obsession with linen bed sheets.

3. Rustic elements. I've always known I was a rustic girl at heart. I love white walls and wooden floorboards, heavy wooden accessories, exposed brickwork painted white, beamed ceilings, wood-burning stoves, and lots of candlelight. 

More interiors inspiration to come!

Images: @indihobson of @sealion_woman's bedroom / pinterest / pinterest / @local_milk /

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