8 Sep 2015


I've discovered a host of new favourite blogs recently, and thought I'd share the love.

I'm pretty fickle and change my mind all of the time (that's why I could never commit to a tattoo). When I was thinking about sharing my favourite reads, I realised that there are only two on my list that I have loved ever since I begun blogging in 2008. Blogs change, people change, and my interests change. There's the odd few fashion blogs that I still visit from time to time, but I prefer a bit more substance from my internet perusing nowadays. 

(Lead image via Oh Comely)

Capture the Castle - I don't think I'll ever get bored of reading Hannah's musings. She could probably write an article about bin bags and I'd find myself absorbed.

Follow if you appreciate excellent writing.

Take Courage - Cat's blog covers a wide scope of topics, but I'm particularly drawn to her interiors and DIY posts, inspiring me to get to work on my own home.

Follow if you're after interior inspiration but are on a tight budget. 

Dot Daria - A smorgasbord of culture, travel, style and design, the slick layout first drew me to Daria's blog, where I was then sucked in by the depth of her content. 

Follow if you want to feel inspired.

Guac & Roll - Ava writes about being a vegan in London, peppering in articles about her travels, delicious recipes and anecdotes about her daily life. I'm attending one of her supper clubs at the end of the month and I'm beyond excited to finally sample her food.

Follow if you want to change the way you eat.

Oh, Ladycakes - Combining her loves of food and travel, Ashlae sets out to inspire her readers to bake and to travel. She's also one of the main reasons behind my obsession with wanting to visit Iceland.

Follow if you love food and exploring new places.

Style & Well Being - One of the few 'fashion' blogs that I still love, Brittany combines her love of minimalist style with features about interiors and travel. I have a habit of finding inspiring people on Instagram, and had been following Brittany for a while before she launched her blog, creating the perfect extension of her popular feed.

Follow if minimalism is your thing.

Discotheque Confusion - I've loved Stevie's eloquent prose for years, always returning to her blog to read her latest musings. Evolving over the years, she now tends to stray away from writing about fashion and writes about a diverse range of subjects that will really get you thinking.

Follow if you love intellectual writing with a distinct voice. 


  1. This is such a perfectly time post as I'm sifting through the blogs I'm following to REALLY get into the good ones! :D

    Thank you for the long list, and I'll be sure to read some of each with my porridge this morning. And I'll be reading YOUR blog, too!


    1. I hope you find a blog you enjoy in my list!

      Thank you for popping by my blog :)

      Emma xx

  2. i just found this! Thank you for the mention, you and your description of my blog are lovely :) x

  3. Thank you so much for the mention :) Love your blog too xx