6 Sep 2015


Seafood, live music and the coastline of Brittany make for the perfect ingredients for a quick trip away.

Holly Fernando has been one of my favourite photographers for a while. I love that she shoots film, I loved her visual documentation of her trip around south-east Asia and I love that she shoots festivals for the 405. I also love France, particularly Brittany, where my boyfriend and I road-tripped several summers ago. St Malo was a wonderful discovery, where we wandered inside the ramparts, sat on swings at bars, gorged on mussels and strolled on the beach. Holly's photos from La Route Du Rock festival have set off my wanderlust (to be fair, it's a bit of a ticking time bomb, it doesn't take much). There's no better place for fresh seafood and desolate yet beautiful beaches than the north west corner of France.

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