1 Sep 2015


Welcome to a new regular post on my blog, where I will be collecting my thoughts on the first of each month for the weeks ahead. Read on to discover what I'll be up to and what I'll be coveting during the month of SEPTEMBER.

SEPTEMBER is actually one of my favourite months, linking the two best seasons with ease. If we're lucky, we'll get an Indian summer thrown in for good measure, and I'll be able to lie in a park soaking up those last previous rays of sunshine. If not, ah well, that lovely tingly feeling of darkening days and cooling temperatures is upon us. My favourite time of year for traipsing through the countryside has always been autumn, and I intend on getting out of the city as much as possible.

Here's how my September is looking to pan out ...

TRAVELLING // Two of my best friends (who happen to be twin beauties) are organising a delightful weekend in a cottage in the Lakes for their 30th, sure to be filled with music, food and hiking across hills. The remainder of my weekends will be spend gathering up gaggles of friends to get back into regular walking excursions.

WEARING // It's my favourite time of year for getting dressed in the morning! Bare legs are still acceptable, but it's cooled down enough for me to resurrect my gigantic stash of black ankle boots. This Topshop dream dress is sure to be a regular fixture this month, as is my denim pinafore and anything stripy. My new Fjallraven Kanken backpack and Scandi-style yellow rain mac will be travelling everywhere with me.

EATING // I'm trying to cut down on meat and eat more fish and vegetarian dishes. My best mate's debut vegan supper club with Guac & Roll is sure to help me with that feat! I'll also be swinging by the new Manchester branch of Wahaca for Mexican street food treats.

READING // It's magazine month! That means new issues of Kinfolk, Cereal and The Ingenue to indulge in. I've also got a reading list as long as my arm with new novels to get stuck into - I'm just finishing up Luckiest Girl Alive, and The Fever and The Seed Collectors are next on the agenda. I'm also planning a revisit to one of this year's favourites, The Secret Place.

WRITING // I'll be continuing my freelance writing from the comfort of my own living room (see some of my recent work here and here). I'm looking for more freelance gigs, so feel free to contact me if you would like me to supply you with some words for your website or magazine!

COVETING // I don't know if this is harking back to school days, but September always incites the need for new. I'd love a new practical winter coat, a new academic year diary to organise myself a little better than the scraps of paper that are currently dictating my life, and a new camera. I'm also craving things to keep me warm as the temperatures dip - cushions and blankets and roll neck jumpers to layer under pinafores. 

WISHING // I want to travel to somewhere new, take photos, and then write about it.

Image @madewell1937


  1. Congratulations for your articles as freelance!!!! ❤️ September is also my favorite month! I'm travelling next week to norway! Can't wait to see pictures of the cottage weekend! Xxx

    1. Thank you!!

      I'm jealous of your trip to Norway, I'd love to go! I'll keep my eye out for your photos!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!

      Thanks for popping by :)


  3. That picture above is of me! Glad you like! :)

  4. Really?! It's a great photo! I found it on the Madewell Instagram and loved the energy.

    I love your website btw :)