27 Oct 2015


Casual wear advocates rejoice - there's a new brand in town that creates clothes that women can actually wear!
The Great is,well,great. Launched by the gals behind Current / Elliot, The Great offers a selection of denim and off-duty wear that I can imagine pulling out of the wash basket and enveloping myself in before going on a hike. With an array of denim dresses, distressed jeans, oversized cosy jumpers, floaty seventies inspired dresses, billowing denim shirts and floppy trilby hats aplenty, here is a brand that is tugging at my heart strings. 

The campaign imagery plays up to the all-American outdoorsy image, picturing pigtail sporting best friends traipsing across meadows, hopping over stepping stones and gazing at mountainous vistas.

Perfect everyday wear for everyday adventures.

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