31 Oct 2015


Recently, I've been waking up in the morning and carefully considering our bedroom. The colours are all wrong. The white walls seem harsh and cold, the sun-bleached turquoise curtains add no warmth to the room. I'm envisioning a snug and cosy room, but am wary about how I'll feel once the summer comes back around. As of always, I'm looking to the internet for inspiration.

When it comes to interiors, I'm always torn in two directions. 

Ultimately, I love a rustic home, with original features, exposed beams, wood burning stoves and open fireplaces. I'm always drawn to ancient wooden floors, unusual alcoves and old Victorian tiles. Within this aesthetic, however, I'm always torn whether to go for Scandinavian minimal or a more bohemian ambience. 

With all of this bedroom research I've been doing (read, pinning), I've realised what my compromise is. I like walls to be plain, and although my entire house is painted white, I have recently been drawn to soft mid-grey hues. I'm also toying with the idea of painting the feature wall in our bedroom a darker hue, such as bottle green or navy blue.

The furniture is my bedroom is currently a mixing pot of Ikea standard pine, an antique dressing table and a darker wooden wardrobe. It's time to streamline and to add some order to the chaos. I love the idea of using old wooden stools as bedside tables, but in reality I have too many belongings that I like to tuck away. I love Jeska from Lobster & Swan's bedside table, as it would be the perfect storing place for part of my hoard of magazines, but also has a drawer to allow for storing away unsightly mess. On top of my bedside table, I like to keep a carefully curated selection of candles, bowls and framed prints.

Time to talk about fabric! This is where is gets tricky. I love the idea of neutral linen bed sheets with simple woolen blankets neatly folded at the end of the bed. Now, I do love a bit of print and the thought of bright warmer hues, but I also covet simplicity and calming cool tones. I'm currently thinking up ways in which I can warm up the room and inject flashes of a brighter tone. Keep things predominantly white, navy and grey, but add flashes of burnt orange or copper. 

Another element that I want to incorporate into my bedroom is plant life! Big potted rubber plants and hanging creepers, dominating the corners of the room. We have a cat and a brand new tiny puppy, so a bit of prior research needs to be done into which plants are safe for them.

Fingers crossed, I'll be able to share the finished project on here soon!

Images // Me & Orla, These Four Walls, Lobster & Swan, @indiahobson

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