6 Oct 2014


It felt like the first day of autumn today. I awoke this morning to rain pelting on the window and eerie dark skies; the sun rising as I cleaned my teeth. There's an electric feeling in the air as the creeping cold tickles my back. The nights are getting longer, the leaves are turning golden and I'm currently sat wrapped up in a blanket. I love this time of year.

Autumnal clothes are my favourite, as are the hues associated with this time of year. The trees are the colour of my hair, blended amongst the last remnants of summer's green. The colour palette inspiring me at the moment is a fusion of rusts, terracottas and gingers amongst stark white and dark forest green. 

Images by: Andrew Southma, Gorki Apartments, Melissa Sonico, My Scandinavian Home, Gorki Apartments and Zara Pictures.

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