7 Dec 2014


Three weeks ago, I hopped on a plane with one of my best friends and headed somewhere that's been on my travel wish-list for a while: Copenhagen. 

I'm used to travelling in the heat of summer; lazing in parks, searching for swimming spots and generally not wearing many clothes. It was a completely different experience wrapping up against the sharp wind and exploring a new city in winter. We balanced out exploring unique urban parks, graffiti-covered alternative communities and magical Christmas parks with a lot of time spent keeping warm in the cities wide array of stylish and cosy bars, cafes and restaurants.

Read on for some of my highlights.

Atelier September, Gothersgade 30
A tad pricy, but not to be missed for the beautiful interior (the cafe is set within an old antique shop) and scrumptious avocado and chilli on rye bread.

Copenhagen isn't big on classic tourist attractions to tick off your list, but it's the colourful bustling harbour that you're most likely to spot on a postcard. Definitely worth a wander around for photo opportunities. 

Log Lady, Studiestræde 27
Copenhagen does bar interiors and themes especially well. One of our favourites was Twin Peaks themed Log Lady. Just watch your hair on all the candles.

The Laundromat Cafe, Elmegade 15
Hands down my favourite spot for hanging out on Sunday mornings.I highly recommend treating yourself to the Dirty Brunch and whiling away a few hours chatting with friends. 

Copenhagen's free town may be renowned for it's Pusher Street, but if you avoid the stench of weed there are some pretty fabulous buildings to discover. All of the residents built their own homes, so if you're an Amazing Spaces fan, you could easily spend a few hours exploring here.

You'd be hard pressed to find somewhere more festive than Tivoli Gardens at this time of year. The aroma of pine needles and sight of thousands of glittering fairy lights will get even the biggest Scrooge in the festive spirit.

Bankerat, Ahlefeldtsgade 27
Probably my favourite bar in the city, Bankerat's décor is like no other. Make sure you explore the entire venue - from the taxidermy mounted to the walls in the bar, to the cracked glass mirrors and intriguing sculptures in the back room. Don't miss visiting the toilets - there's plenty to see downstairs! 

It would be rude to be a mere 30 minute bus ride away from Sweden and not visit. Ensure that you take the bus rather than the train to be treated to the spectacular views from the famous bridge. We were in Malmo on a Monday, and the majority of museums and galleries we wanted to visit were shut but we had fun photographing the architecture and exploring the hipster district of Mollevangen. 

Raw Food House, Friisgatan 8
I tried my first raw food here, and wasn't disappointed. The interior was beautiful, with lots to look at. I had the Medelhavsburgare (Mediterranean burger), which was beautifully presented (see my instagram for photos) and was accompanied with a colourful salad and healthy raw coleslaw. 

Just down the road from The Raw Food House, we stumbled upon an incredible urban park. We had been hunting for the Pixies bar, Debaser which is located within the park, but was sadly closed for the winter. We spent hours here; sold on the place instantly when we saw the Wes Anderson inspired signage. Huge bouncy castles, colourful sculptures and rocking seats had us rediscovering our childhoods.

One of the hippest streets in Copenhagen, with an abundance of coffee shops, eateries, bars and shops scattered along its cobbled paths. Head here mid morning for porridge at Grod - you'll never view porridge in the same way again!

Danish Museum of Art & Design, Bredgade 68
Copenhagen has a lot of museums and galleries to explore, and we sadly didn't have enough time to see them all. We did spend a few hours wandering around the design museum, picking out the pieces we'd love to furnish our homes with. Expect a diverse showcase of the great Danish designers, from Wegner to Arne Jacobsen - and don't miss the amazing gift shop!

Superkiln, Norrebro
The Scandinavian's put our parks to shame. Superkiln is an art work, made up of three zones themed by colour: red, black and white, and green. Expect your typical slides, swings and space to run around - but presented in a very atypical way. Designed to unite the multi-cultural neighbourhood, the park includes sculptures made from pieces donated from countries all around the world.


  1. Really cool!!! On my favorite for when I finally visit Copenhagen! xxx

  2. Finally caught up with your pictures, so beautiful! x