23 Nov 2014


I have a tendency to fall in love with a brand that my disposable income doesn't quite stretch to. Usually, it's the case that I'm pretty content to imagine from afar and dream up imaginary rich-me outfits on Polyvore. With Studio Nicholson, however, I think I'm going to have to open a savings account.

The contemporary British brand launched earlier this year with a presentation for its pre AW14 collection, introducing us to the clean and minimal silhouettes that it is fast being associated with. Creative director Nick Wakeman's background in menswear design certainly shows through the androgynous cuts, simple classic prints and muted colour palette; perfect for women with a love of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. 

There's currently a huge influx of brands that focus more on high quality materials and timeless designs that surpass seasonal trends. Oversized gingham midi-dresses, boyfriend-fit t-shirts and a-line skirts effortlessly fit into this capsule wardrobe that I'm constantly trying to create.


  1. This looks right up my alley. Loving the first and last dresses especially. Thanks for the intro. x