11 Aug 2014


I'm leaning more and more towards a Scandinavian clean and minimal aesthetic - in my appearance and in my surroundings. It may be the result of too much instagram stalking but I'm craving a big bucket of white paint, parquet flooring and an abundance of indoor plants. I can't get enough of Kinfolk and Cereal magazines. I'm plotting a wardrobe overhaul that would put all my prints in hibernation until next spring. Frayed blue jeans, boater hats, oversized slouchy jumpers and simple T-shirts are all on my radar. As are In Bed 's creased cotton sheets in various shades of blue, white and grey. And don't forget Birkenstock sandals - summer's not over yet. I want to throw away all of my toiletries and invest in Aesop's entire collection. Half the items on my wishlist hail from Whistles - Acne, Commes des Garcons Commes des Garcons and a Joshu Vela canvas tote also rank high. In this picturesque world of simplicity, I'm drinking green smoothies for breakfast, cooking everything in the Hemsley and Hemlsey cookbook and waking myself up before work with an outdoor yoga class. One can dream.

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  1. Scandinavians really have their design game on point, don't they? I've been simplifying too. I'd kill to have white sheets and furniture.. but I have a black cat so that won't really work. Over the years I've decluttered a lot and bought more basic clothes. All of these photos are really great!