1 Aug 2014


I'm a West Coast girl at heart. Drawn to the perfect meeting place of nature and city; where rolling hills and crashing waves meet bright lights. I know that I would feel right at home travelling up the coast through California, Oregon and Washington; I imagine that I would never want to leave.

L.A has never really factored into that dream. I spent a jet-lag fuelled 24 hours there seven years ago, temporarily stranded between flights. Memories of orange hazed skies, terrifying concrete highways and carb-orientated fast-food put me off wanting to return. A recent post on the Urban Outfitters blog, detailing the friendship between two of my Instagram crushes is seeing me reconsider. 

I want to hike up to the Griffith Observatory, admire the city skyline during magic hour, laze on rooftops, shop in all of the stores I follow on Instagram and mess around in the photobooth in the Ace hotel. I want to live in Silverlake, start my day with yoga on the beach and hit up all of the health food cafes that I somehow completely overlooked during my one day lay-over.

When I imagine myself in L.A, it's with long wavy beach hair, big bug-eyed sunglasses, wearing oversized cotton dresses and zip-up ankle boots. Summer lasts forever yet winter's within grasp, just on your doorstep. There's a myriad of landscapes surrounding you, just waiting to be explored.

Images by Chantal Anderson featuring @claggie and @skinnybmel

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