26 Jul 2014


Yesterday, I collected the developed film from our recent holiday and immediately felt a rush of the holiday blues. Literally; crystal clear, aquamarine, turquoise, azure blues. Plitvice Lakes was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited - partially down to the incredibly hued water that fills its lakes and pools. 

Based in Zagreb, we caught an early morning coach to the World Heritage Site, admiring the scenery as we swept through the countryside and began creeping up mountain roads. As soon as we arrived at the park we were awestruck by the lush green surroundings - the woods and mountains appeared to go on forever and I was itching to explore them. 

We only had six hours to see as much as possible, regretfully meaning that the woods and mountains on the horizon would have to wait for a future trip. Out of the eight routes that circuit the lakes and waterfalls, we chose route H - I would highly recommend this route, as the waterfalls and scenery become more and more spectacular as you walk and the climax of the experience is a steep climb upwards that is constantly rewarded with breath-taking birds-eye-views of the paths that you have spent the day walking.

If you are visiting Croatia, it is more than worth going out of your way to visit Plitvice. You won't regret it.

All photos, my own.

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