30 Mar 2012

Ulyana Seergenko SS12 Lookbook

Warning! This post contains an excessive amount of images featuring highly desirable clothing. It is guaranteed to make you want to dress like an exquisite Russian beauty.

It is near impossible to pick favourites from this collection, but I guess that the look that would most easily fit into my current aesthetic is the floor-sweeping full chiffon skirt worn with a snug-fitting plain tee-shirt. I can only dream of purchasing/owning/wearing Seergenko's entire collection.


  1. Uhhh these pictures just serve to remind me I will never have enough pennies in my pocket to afford these dresses :(

    That 2nd dress is my favourite! (although when it comes to this collection it's impossible to have favourites! I would take all of them in a heartbeat! O_O ) xxx

  2. It was foolish of me to skip the warning cause now I'm infected lol everything is gorgeous and I Loooove the tittle of your blog!

    Ca$h M.

  3. Oh goodness, this is simply all kinds of beautiful! <3 so so so in love with the entire collection!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. Ulyana is amazing, have you seen her AW collection?

  5. Isn't it just so incredible? This is only her second fashion collection and she's already one of the designers I anticipate the most during fashion show season. Soooo flawless.